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Most dogs love going outside. If you own a home with a fence, then you can spend outdoor time with your dog without worrying about her running off and getting lost. But not all dog owners have a fenced in yard, thus having your pup by your side while you’re outdoors may not always be an easy feat. That’s where tie out dog stakes come in. These accessories help to prevent your dog from wandering off while simultaneously allowing him the freedom to spend some time outdoors.

A dog tie out stake is screwed into the soil deep enough so that it’s secured in the grass or dirt. Some come with a dog tie out cable, or you can get one separately. Then you can attach the end to your dog’s collar or to the dog harness. You can opt for a longer tie out cable in order to give your dog more room to roam. This gives dogs a safe way to stay outdoors without an owner having to worry about him running away to chase a squirrel or just wandering off.

Chewy offers a variety of dog stakes. The Pet Champion spiral stake and tie-out cable combo allows a dog up to 60 pounds to roam up to 25 feet. The Aspen Pet spiral tie-out stake screws easily into the ground and is outfitted with dual wedge plate anchors that prevent a dog from being able to pull it out of the ground. And the Lixit retractable cable tie out rotates 360 degrees to give your pup a large roaming area while keeping them from getting tangled up.

A dog tie out is a great solution for pet parents without fenced-in yards who don't want to spend the money on a dog fence system. Dog stakes can also be used if you take your dog to an on-leash park for an afternoon. Shop Chewy for the best dog supplies and pet supplies.

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