Dog Food Storage & Accessories

Just as with people food, when dog food is exposed to open air and other elements it tends to dry out and become stale. Keep your dog’s food fresher longer with these innovative storage options, designed to make dog food last. The moment you open your pup’s bag of food, the clock starts ticking. Exposure to air, light, heat and humidity leads to the degradation of dog kibble, with more air and light, and higher heat and humidity levels, speeding up the process. As food degrades, it hardens and loses flavor, making your pet’s mealtime less enjoyable. Yuck! And the kibble also loses nutritional value, so your dog will be getting fewer nutrients he needs to thrive. But there’s a solution, and a simple one at that—dog food storage containers.

Dog food storage containers will keep your dog’s food fresher, longer. They feature airtight seals that minimize the amount of air that comes in contact with the food. Many options feature a non-transparent or minimally transparent plastic that minimizes the amount of light that the food is exposed to. And some have wheels on the bottom that make it easy to wheel your container into less-lit areas while not in use. They also come in a variety of colors such as a black dog food storage container, blue dog food storage container, white dog food storage container, green dog food storage container, and many other colors. If you have multiple pets, there’s a solution just for you. IRIS Airtight Storage Container & Scoop Combo comes with two stackable containers, great for separating foods. So if you have two dogs, each with different dietary needs, or a dog and a cat, you can keep their foods separated. If you have even more than two types of food you’d like to store, Gamma2 Vittles Vault Stackable Pet Food Storage containers perfectly fit on top of each other for even more options. Is your dog on the smaller side? There’s an option for you, too. Van Ness Pet Food Storage Dispenser holds four pounds of food and fits perfectly on a shelf or in the pantry, with an easy-pour top.

Keep your pet’s kibble tasting great with optimum nutrition for longer after opening with a premium dog food storage container. And explore a range of dog bowls and feeders accessories, great for a variety of occasions. Find this and more at Chewy's online pet store where you find the best dog supplies.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Dog Food Storage & Accessories

What is the best container to store dog food?

The best container to store dog food will be airtight to keep food fresh and protected from pests. If you are leaving the container out where your dog may be able to get to it, it should probably be dog-proof, as well. Choose dog food containers made from easy-to-clean materials like sturdy plastic and look for dishwasher-safe containers for added convenience, if possible. Easy-access tops are another helpful feature to look for when you’re shopping for dog food storage containers, as well.

Are dog food storage containers necessary?

Dog food storage containers are necessary if you want to keep dry kibble fresh for as long as possible. They are also a good idea if you want to avoid attracting unwanted pests into your home. Dog food storage containers or bins can also be helpful if you have a hungry pup—or child—who likes to get into the dog food bag.

Do dog food storage containers need to be airtight?

Dog food storage containers need to be airtight to keep food as fresh as possible and bar small pests from getting in. While you may be able to get away with a dog kibble storage container that doesn’t completely seal, you may find that your dog food goes stale faster or that ants or bugs have invaded your dog’s food. People in humid climates should also choose airtight dog food storage containers to keep unwanted moisture out of their dog’s food.

Can you keep dog food in a plastic container?

You can keep dog food in a plastic container. Many dry dog food storage containers are made of plastic, and you can refrigerate leftover wet dog food in plastic containers, as well. Be sure to only use food-safe storage containers for your pet’s food, and look for BPA-free plastic if you’re concerned about leaching chemicals.