Dog Strollers & Bicycle Trailers

When you see dog strollers in the grocery store or dog bicycle trailers the park, you've probably have one of two reactions. You could be the person who remarks how fancy the pampered pooch is, or the person who thinks, hey, that's a good idea—I might need one of those. If you're not convinced that bike trailers or strollers for dogs should be a thing, just hear us out while we explain how useful they can be.If you have a tiny dog, or even two, and you want to get somewhere on your bike, you definitely could use a bicycle trailer. It's pretty impossible to manage one or two dog leashes while riding a bicycle and expecting those little legs to be able to keep the pace. Instead, you can pack them up in a covered bike trailer or a safe bike basket, and off you go. Big dogs might be just as hard to bike with, because they can pull and knock you off balance, luckily, there are bicycle trailers that are sturdy enough to handle the large breeds, too. Now, about those dog strollers. These are perfect for older pets or those with joint problems that need dog joint medication and who just don't get around as well as they used to. They still want to be right by your side and get some fresh air, so why not let them ride along in a dog stroller, or even a bicycle basket if they're small enough. We've also got dog strollers for large dogs that are made to support their weight. Gen7Pets Jogger Pet Stroller is a stroller that navigates over rough terrain with ease, whether jogging or strolling, thanks to the front locking wheel and air tires. And some, like Pet Gear Special Edition No-Zip Pet Stroller, have an easy-locking latch that opens and closes the canopy instead of annoying zippers. And if you're traveling by bike, check out the Solvit Tagalong Pet Bicycle Basket that comes with a sun shade and soft lining for a cozy ride. For hotter climates, there's the Solvit Deluxe Tagalong Sport Pet Bicycle Basket with breathable fabric and a removable sun shade. Solvit also makes bike trailers that convert to strollers for dogs. So weigh your options at Chewy's online pet store, choose the best pet stroller that meets your furball's needs, and take a relaxing stroll or bike ride with your pet! Find this and more at Chewy's online pet store where you find the best dog supplies.

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