Dog Sweaters & Hoodies

Your pooch will look picture paw-fect in fashionable and functional dog sweaters. They’re ready for every pup when you’d like a fantastic photo opp in the snow or by the tree. Sweaters for dogs are especially grr-eat if you have a dog who gets cold easily, like our smaller friends and those without thick fur. When you’re going to venture out in the wintertime, it can help her stay comfortable so she can enjoy being outside for longer.

Sweaters aren’t just adorable on your pooch while helping her stay warm! They can also make her feel great, too. Compression is one way dogs feel relief from anxiety, and that dog sweater gives her a little hug that may help her calm down. Also, if she has an itchy belly, a dog sweater can be worn to add a barrier to prevent scratching or exposure to the irritant. Plus, it can help contain shedding fur and dander so there’s less mess for you to clean up.

With so many cute dog sweaters to choose from, how do you decide which is right for her? Of course, style is an important factor, like whether you’re shopping for a [dog Christmas sweater or a fancy crochet dog sweater. Once you’ve decided on a design, take your gal’s measurements and reference the sizing guide to make sure you get the right size. If she’s between sizes, you should probably size up.

Dog sweaters aren’t the only way to keep your fur-iend cozy during the colder months. Explore our options for dog hoodies and dog jackets to find the perfect apparel to keep her comfortable. And if it’s a lazy day hanging out in pjs or maybe even a major family photo opp, she’s ready in her dog pajamas. Shop Chewy for all your dog clothing needs, starting with cute dog sweaters for your adorable pal.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Do dogs need sweaters?

Dogs do not need sweaters, but they are a grr-eat choice for some friends. For example, small dogs don’t maintain heat as well as bigger pooches, so a sweater can help keep them warm. Dog sweaters can be helpful if you’re going to spend more than 10 minutes outside with temperatures less than 45 degrees Fahrenheit. Warm sweaters probably aren’t right for dogs who have a lot of hair that already acts as insulation. It’s always a good idea to check with your vet if you are wondering if a sweater is a good choice for your dog.

How do you put a sweater on a dog?

To put a sweater on a dog, positive reinforcement with treats and praise is key. If this is her first time trying on her sweater, rub it against her body in a brushing motion and let her smell it while telling her what a good girl she is. If she is still skittish around the sweater, give her a little break and try again—you want it to be a positive experience! As she seems more comfortable, glide it over her head and through her legs while continuing to tell her how wonderful she is. Finish with a treat—and a picture, of course!

How long can a dog wear a sweater?

Your dog can wear a sweater for approximately four to eight hours, depending on the situation. Dogs really only need to wear something warm if they are cold, so it’s not recommended for when she’s lounging indoors. It should not be left on all the time because her skin needs to breathe and she could get mats in her fur. It’s also important she isn’t left unattended for a long period of time in her sweater because the temperature fluctuates throughout the day and some dogs may overheat easily.

Frequently Asked Questions About Dog Sweaters & Hoodies

Do dogs need sweaters?

Dogs may need sweaters if it is very cold outside. Dogs with thinner coats and those who are older or ailing may benefit from wearing a sweater or jacket during cooler weather. Thicker-coated dogs can usually tolerate cold weather more easily, and some may overheat if you put them in a sweater. Always keep an eye on your dog whenever you dress him in clothing and watch for signs of distress or overheating.

Do dog sweaters help keep them warm?

Dog sweaters help keep dogs warm by trapping in body heat. They can be helpful for dogs with lighter coats and in extremely cold weather that may be uncomfortable for your pup. Dogs with heavier coats may not need a sweater in cooler weather and may even overheat if you dress them. Be sure to monitor your dog for signs that he is cold during winter and consider a sweater or jacket for walks in cooler temperatures.

How do you measure a dog for a sweater or hoodie?

Measure a dog for a sweater or hoodie by getting neck girth, chest girth and back measurements. Measure neck girth by positioning a tape measure around your dog’s neck right where he would wear a collar, remembering to leave it loose enough that you can fit two fingers under the tape. Do the same thing around the largest part of the chest, using the two-finger technique as before. The back, or topline, measurement is the length from the base of the neck to where the tail begins. Always size up if your dog is in between sizes, and make sure any clothing is neither too tight nor too loose.