Cat Sweaters & Hoodies

If your kitty is chilly, a cat sweater may be just what she needs! A cozy cat sweater can turn a shivering cat into one that’s warm and cuddly. And how cute your kitty will look in them is sure to warm your heart, too! Cat sweaters are not only perfect for winter months; this kind of cat clothing is also great for hairless breeds, such as a Sphynx cat, or for a cat that recently lost some fur due to a medical condition. The PetRageous Designs Marley's Cable Knitted cat Sweater is the perfect pullover sweater to use if you're headed to the vet or taking your cat on a walk on a frosty day. Not only will you keep your cat warm, but they’ll look fashionable too. Do you and your family never miss an opportunity for a family photo during the holidays? Your cat can dress to impress and be a part of all the family photo fun! The Blueberry Pet Vintage Reindeer cat Sweater is the perfect cat sweater for your feline to wear for a winter family photo! You can show your patriotic side with the Zack & Zoey Elements American Flag cat Sweater. It's no surprise that fireworks can make your pet extremely anxious on patriotic holidays. The ThunderShirt for cats is the perfect product to put on underneath a cat sweater whenever your nervous kitty needs some extra comfort. ThunderShirts gently hug your cat, and the constant pressure will give your cat a calming effect to override that fear or anxiety. And whenever you feel like monkeying around with your four-legged friend, you can play dress up with the Chilly Dog Monkey Hoodie cat Sweater Our wide selection of cat apparel and cat sweaters will keep your kitty warm and looking her best! Shop this and more at Chewy's online pet store where you find the best cat products.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Cat Sweaters & Hoodies

Do cats like sweaters and sweatshirts?

Some cats like sweaters and sweatshirts, but whether your cat likes them will depend on her temperament and how accustomed she is to wearing clothing. Try to acclimate your cat to wearing sweaters, hoodies or other clothing gradually. You should never leave your cat wearing clothing unattended, as it may cause overheating or catch on things and present a danger to your cat.

Do cats need sweaters or sweatshirts in the winter?

Cats do not usually need sweaters or sweatshirts in the winter, but some cats may enjoy the extra warmth, and sweaters can be cute for photo ops and special occasions. Most felines will be comfortable, indoors or out, with just the warmth from their fur. Do not put a sweater or hoodie on an outdoor cat or an unattended indoor cat, as clothing of any kind can catch on branches or other things and endanger your cat. Always keep a close eye on your kitty whenever she is wearing clothing.

Do sweaters and hoodies calm cats?

Sweaters and hoodies may calm some cats, but they are just as likely to distress other felines. Introduce your cat to wearing clothing gradually and see how well she responds to it. Some cats take well to wearing clothing and may feel calmer wearing it, while others never seem to get used to it at all. Respect the wishes of your cat and do not force her to wear clothing if it causes her distress.

How do I get my cat to wear a sweater?

You can get your cat to wear a sweater—sometimes—by introducing it slowly and using treats as distracting rewards. If possible, start with a lightweight sweater or clothing with minimal coverage so your feline does not feel overwhelmed at first. Some cats will take to clothing relatively quickly, while others never seem to get used to it at all. Respect your kitty’s preferences and never leave her wearing clothing unattended.