Tough Dog Chew Toys

Every dog likes to chew, but some are more enthusiastic than others. Moderate chewers enjoy chewing just fine, but it might be more of an occasional indulgence. Then there the extreme chewers that were born to chew—if they had a choice between a chew toy and a few dog treats, they’d pick the chew toy. Just a few squeaks down the scale are the tough chewers. These dogs are as serious about dog chew toys. These hearty chewers need tough dog toys, and there are some durable chew toys at Chewy that will certainly give your athletic chewer a workout.

Look for durable dog toys made from materials like solid rubber. Pay special attention to the dog chew toy’s toughness. Ideally, the rubber dog toy should be difficult for you to squeeze with your hand. It should feel solid, have some weight behind it and be the size that is appropriate for your dog’s mouth and bite. The chew toy should have a bit of give to it so as not to injure or frustrate your dog, but provide enough resistance to give him a challenging chew. KONG dog toys are a standard in the dog chew toy category because of their renowned toughness and variety of size, making them popular choices for a tough chewer. You can raise the bar on the fun and excitement by stuffing the KONG with your dog’s favorite treat or filler.

Tough chewers can get bored with chewing the same types of dog chew toys every day. Mix it up a bit with durable dog toys that have fun and unique shapes, textures and flavors. Chewy carries dog toys shaped like bones and sticks and dog chew toys that double as dog puzzle toys, like the West Paw Qwizl dog toy. These interactive dog toys are great for mental stimulation too. Insert a delicious dog treat inside and challenge your dog to find a way to get it out. Check out the Starmark RubberTuff Treat Bone Dog Toy that actually locks the treat in place for a bigger challenge. Shop Chewy for all of your other pet supplies!

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