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Dog Towels & Accessories

Dogs know when they’re getting a bath. A few actually like this ritual, but most will quickly and quietly slip out of the room and under the bed if you even think about it. So why not pamper your pet and make it more like a doggy spa experience than a cold water bath that he learns to dread? To make it more enjoyable, you’ll need some soft dog towels or a designated dog drying towel, and maybe even a nice new dog bathrobe for your little furry friend.

Having the proper dog grooming supplies are pretty important, and so is bath time—at least every once in a while. And it’s pretty crucial when your dog decides to roll around on something smelly. Stock up on some dog towels that are made just for pups so you’re ready for the after-bath drying session. Not only will your dog stay warm, but it’s a chance to have some extra bonding time with him. To make him feel special, get him his own sweet dog bathrobe to cuddle up in. He’ll look super cute, and as a bonus, a dog bathrobe will protect your furniture and beds—or your lap—from getting wet if he curls up on them.

Dog drying towels are also convenient to keep in your car when you’re out with your favorite canine. You never know when he might get into some mud or trudge through a puddle. They’re also great for trips to the beach or dog park. Before you get back into the car, just wrap him up in a dog bathrobe or lay down some dog towels, and your seats will stay clean and dry—with no lingering wet doggy smell.

Most dog towels and dog bathrobes are made from absorbent, soft materials like microfiber or a cotton terry material. They’re quick-drying and machine washable, and they come in all sorts of fun colors and patterns. You can find the perfect dog bathrobe and dog towels for your pooch, plus other dog bath accessories, right here in Chewy’s Dog Shop.

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