Dog Toy Bins & Boxes

Having lots of toys around for your pup is a must, but the clutter after a long day of play can sometimes get a little out of hand. Luckily, Chewy has lots of great dog toy storage options to help keep dog toys out of sight when you want to tidy up. A nice-looking indoor dog toy storage bin in fabric or wicker can keep all your best friend’s plush dog toys, dog chew toys, dog rope toys and other household playthings neatly stowed when you have company, and there are plenty of stylish choices available to perfectly accent your décor. A more durable dog toy bin in plastic or canvas works well for the dog ball toys, dog fetch toys, and dog disc toys your buddy plays with mainly outdoors. Choosing a weather-resistant option lets you store the toys in the garage or near the patio for impromptu play sessions. There are even portable zippered storage bins that let you take your dog’s favorite toys with him to daycare, on overnight trips and more! Whatever your interior aesthetic and however much toy storage you need for your pampered pooch, check out our online pet store to find the best dog supplies on the block!

Frequently Asked Questions About Dog Toy Bins & Boxes

How do you store dog toys?

Store dog toys in dog toy bins & boxes to keep your home nice and tidy. Putting toys in storage bins and baskets can keep your dog focused on one toy at a time for more intensive and directed play. Proper storage will also keep dog toys safely away from children and other pets.

What is the best material for a dog toy storage bin?

The best material for a dog toy storage bin will depend on your personal preferences and needs. If you need to lock dog toys away from young children and pets, a sturdy material may be best. For outdoor dog toy storage, look for weather-resistant materials and durable construction. A ventilated option like wicker or perforated plastic or metal may be best for toys that get damp or smelly and need to air out. Or try a dog toy bin or box made of canvas for lightweight durability.

What is the best dog toy basket?

The best dog toy basket will blend seamlessly into your décor and safely store toys away from children and other pets. Look for storage baskets with lids if you have curious children, or try putting them in a closet or out-of-the-way place for safety.