Ferret Toys

Ferrets love to play, so having lots of ferret toys around for your pet will provide a healthy outlet for this natural behavior. You’ll also want to have a variety of ferret chew toys available for your ferret, both to keep him from getting bored and to discourage unwanted behaviors including furniture destruction, chewing on harmful surfaces, etc. Chewy carries a great selection of the best ferret toys available, including balls, sticks, dangle toys, rings and more.

The first thing any ferret parent out there will tell you is that every toy you give your ferret will likely become a chew toy. As such, you want to make sure the toys you get are either ferret-safe or made of natural materials you know are healthy for ferrets to chew. Ferret balls made of seagrass or vine, bundles of sticks made specifically for small animals to chew on and even knotted cotton rope and wood toys are all great choices. Hard plastic non-toxic toys are fine as long as they won’t break apart, as are ferret plush toys and large wooden blocks. Simple plastic balls will give your ferrets hours of happiness, and you can set up a ball pit filled with them for even more fun.

Ferrets generally don’t like ferret balls & wheels for exercise quite the way hamsters and other small pets do, but no self-respecting ferret would ever say no to a ferret tunnel system or play tubes. You can find lots of different types of tunnels, including pop-open fabric tubes, interlocking plastic tunnels, tunnel systems for mounting in cages, tunnels for sleeping and more. These provide a rich outlet for energy and curiosity in ferrets and will add interest to your ferret’s environment inside or outside the cage.

Ferrets will also use their ferret hideouts and ferret hammocks and beds for play—watch them jump and play hide and seek in cardboard boxes, tubes and other improvised items you give them. Ferret playpens provide play opportunities outside the cage, while dangling toys, ropes and ladders can help turn your ferret cages into jungle gyms for your pets. Whatever ferret supplies you need to keep your ferrets playing and happy, you can find them at Chewy.com. Shop our great selection of ferret toys and start creating the ultimate playground for your little friends!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Do ferrets need toys?

Ferrets need toys for exercise and fun, which is why it’s important to provide a variety of them to keep your ferret engaged and happy. Ferrets are exceptionally playful and curious pets and will play with almost anything you give them. Place toys both inside and outside of the cage, and mix things up with a variety of different playthings to keep your intelligent pets interested. Even improvised toys like cardboard tubes and boxes or simple toys like balls will keep ferrets happily playing for hours.

What kind of toys do ferrets like to play with?

Ferrets like to play with balls, dangling toys, chew toys, tunnels, and even common household items like boxes and tubes. You can set up a simple ball pit for your ferret and watch endless frolicking ensue, or make a cool ferret play course using cardboard boxes. Try offering a variety of toys and switching them out frequently to keep your ferrets interested. Your ferrets will let you know what they like!

How do I keep my ferret entertained?

Keep your ferret entertained by putting plenty of toys, hideouts and activities inside the cage and scheduling lots of time outside of the cage, too. You can let your ferret enjoy supervised play in the house, set up a ferret playpen indoors or out, or just spend time hanging out and playing with him. You can play tag, hide and seek, and tug of war with your ferret and get some quality time and exercise with him that way. Ferrets—especially single ferrets—need lots of stimulation and opportunities for exercise, so anything you can do to give him a variety of experiences and time out of the cage every day will help keep him from getting bored.

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