Puppy Toys

Your precious puppy will need entertainment. There are many types of puppy toys with different purposes. Puppy teething toys relieve some of the discomfort of teething. Puppy chew toys allow your pup to chew without damaging furniture or clothing. Pups love a good squeak and for that there are squeaking toys. For a more comforting option, try plush toys your pup will love to cuddle with. Chewy carries the largest selection of puppy toys that encourage both physical and mental stimulation. If you’re looking for a multi-purpose toy consider the Frisco plush rope squeaking monkey toy. The built-in rope provides chewing fun, the plush monkey is good for snuggling and the squeaker makes playtime extra exciting. If your puppy is teething consider chew toys like the Nylabone puppy teething rings. Pet parents and pups can play a gentle tug-of-war game that promotes proper oral care and keeps puppy breath smelling fresh. Make fetch more fun with the Hartz Dura play ball. Made with foam technology for enhanced durability, this bacon scented ball entices your dog to chew on the toy instead of on your furniture. While puppies love to play, they need more than toys to be happy. Find all the puppy supplies you need at Chewy.com. Puppies need puppy food and treats to grow big and strong. The best puppy food is specifically formulated with extra nutrients for little pups who need to grow. Your puppy will need training to know when and where to go. Puppy crates help with potty training since dogs see crates as their den. There are other puppy potty and training supplies that can help make the process easier for pet parents such as puppy potty pads. Your puppy will need grooming to keep her skin healthy and coat shiny. Get help with puppy grooming and supplements. Keep your puppy safe and easily identifiable with ID tags and puppy collars. Don’t forget to get your puppy somewhere comfortable to rest her little head. There are many kinds of puppy beds some for outdoors, some with extra padding, small beds and big beds. Find puppy home essentials and all things puppy at Chewy’s online pet store.

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