Holiday Dog & Cat Toys

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Holiday Dog & Cat Toys

Dogs and cats love to play. A dog will revel in the chance to play with dog fetch toys with his owner, and cats love to bat around cat toys. From balls to treat-dispensing toys and catnip-infused toys, your pet probably has an array of toys at home. But that doesn’t mean you can’t add some new additions to the mix, and just in time for the holidays.

Chewy offers a wide assortment of holiday dog toys and holiday cat toys to make your canine and feline family members feel extra loved and cherished this season. These toys not only help to keep a pet’s mind stimulated, but they also provide a means of getting daily exercise and can keep your pet occupied while you are away from the house. Your pet will love playing with this assortment of seasonally themed items not just during the holidays, but year-round.

The GoDog Holiday Chew Guard Gingerbread Man dog toy is an adorable holiday dog toy that resembles a gingerbread man with a bite taken out of his leg. This themed holiday dog toy is lined with Chew Guard Technology, which makes it ultra-durable. It even has a puncture-proof speaker. The ZippyPaws squeaky hot cocoa hide-and-seek plush dog toy resembles a hot chocolate mug with tiny marshmallows that can be stuffed inside for your pup to find. This holiday dog toy helps exercise your pup’s brain, as he finds the marshmallows and pulls them out of the mug. The Suck UK DJ Deck Scratch Pad is cat scratcher shaped like a DJ deck. Your feline will enjoy “mixing the turntables” while clawing away at the cardboard record. It’s a great holiday cat toy gift option.

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