Kitten Toys & Games

While kitties tend to enjoy leisure, play is very important for your growing pet. Your cat might not run around the yard like dogs do, they like to be mentally and physically stimulated. Your kitty also craves playtime with her owner. In the wild, play time helps kittens learn survival skills like stalking, chasing and trapping prey. Playtime provides exercise that domestic kitties need to maintain a healthy weight. Kitten toys can motivate even idle kittens to play. Find the best kitten toys at There are many types of kitten toys to choose from. Like babies, kittens go through teething too. Kitten teething toys help sooth kitties as their teeth come in. Cats go crazy for catnip. The SmartyKat Skitter Critters catnip toy combines a kitty’s three favorite things – mice, strings and catnip. Cats also love to chase lasers. Use the Ethical Pet laser exerciser for hours of mind stimulation. Kitties also love teaser toys like the KONG Feather Teaser. Another way to bond and play with your kitty is to train to her walk with kitten collars. As a new kitty parent, you need a few kitten supplies to raise a happy and healthy cat and maintain your home. Without the proper supplies, your kitty could scratch up your furniture, leave stains on your carpet and leave your home smelling like urine. Thankfully, kitten training and cleaning supplies can help teach your cat where to go and remove stubborn stains and odors while your kitty is being trained to use her litter box. The right kitten litter and boxes can help reduce accidents and keep your home smelling fresh. Your kitty will need a place to rest her head when she’s not playing. Find a variety of kitten beds and home essentials at Some kitties prefer condos, others like cat trees, and others like plush covered beds. When it comes to feeding your kitty, don’t feed her adult food until she’s older. From eight weeks on, your kitty should be off her mother’s milk and ready for wet or dry kitten food and treats. Reward her with kitten treats made with protein like fish or chicken. Give your precious pet kitten supplements in addition to her kitten food to boost her nutrients while she’s growing and attempting to put on weight. Find all these kitty essentials and more at Chewy’s online pet store.

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