Cat Treat Dispenser Toys

The old saying, “don’t play with your food” doesn’t apply when it comes to cat puzzle feeders. Interactive cat toys like these are great for mental stimulation and reducing boredom. Felines have the instinctual desire to hunt for prey, so when there are tasty cat treats inside for them to find, it makes the challenge that much more exciting! To expend your cat's energy in a productive way, you need a good cat scratcher, catnip and other feline essentials at your cat's disposal. But adding a cat puzzle feeder to the mix is an excellent way to switch things up and will keep your kitty actively engaged to get to the best cat treats. A cat tunnel that has room for cat treats inside can also offer this to your feline friend. Cat puzzle feeders encourage your cat to exercise mentally and physically—which is key to keeping your kitty happy and healthy. The KONG Active Treat Ball is an entertaining puzzle toy for your kitty; its unpredictable movements will constantly keep your feline on her paws! Or try the PetSafe Funkitty Egg-Cersizer; this treat toy allows you to increase the difficulty over time. This is a great starter puzzle toy to introduce your cat to since it can be modified. After your genius cat has mastered all of the cat puzzle feeder toys at home, surprise her with the Trixie Brain Mover. This cat toy requires your cat to use all of her concentration and patience while solving the puzzle. It has four different components to figure out to get to the ultimate reward, so your feline is constantly being put to the test until the very end of the puzzle. One thing that is sure to put your cat's hunting instincts to use is a mouse toy, because what cat doesn't like a mouse chase? The Temptations Snacky Mouse is an adjustable wobble cat toy that lets you control how many treats get released during each play session to help avoid over-treating. And for the seriously studious felines, try interactive cat toys like the Trixie Mad Scientist Turn Around interactive cat toy and watch your feline flip for food! Shop our wide selection of interactive cat toys to give your feline the treat-hunting fun they’ll naturally love. After all, making your kitty work for a reward will make it taste that much better! Shop these brands and more at Chewy's online cat supplies store and find the best pet products such as cat Halloween costumes, automatic self-cleaning litter boxes and the best cat food including dry cat food and wet canned cat food.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Cat Treat Dispenser Toys

Are treat toys good for cats?

Treat toys are good for cats, combining mental stimulation, exercise and delicious food rewards into one fun package! Use treat toys to keep easily bored cats playing or to slow down cats who eat their food or treats too quickly. Making mealtime or treat time a game satisfies the natural feline instinct to hunt for food. Treat toys also provide a rewarding way for you to play with your cat.

Do cats like treat puzzles?

Many cats do like treat puzzles, but you will need to get one with that is suited to your cat's abilities. You may want to start with an easy puzzle at first, and you may need to show your cat how the puzzle works so she can learn. Many felines take to puzzles immediately and enjoy figuring them out, while others may need a little help or encouragement in the beginning.

What are the best cat treat toys and puzzles?

The best cat treat toys and puzzles are those that will keep your kitty stimulated and intrigued. Look for cat treat toys that are not too easy, or too difficult, to keep your feline interested. Cat treat toys and cat treat balls that let your cat bat out treats or kibble a little at a time can be a great way to avoid food gulping and stave off boredom. Cat treat puzzles are another great way to keep an inquisitive feline happily playing.