Dog Treat Toys & Dispensers

Are you looking for interactive dog toys that will keep your dog preoccupied and mentally stimulated? Treat dispensing dog toys are a great way to engage dogs mentally and help them to expend excess or nervous energy. The JW Pet Rockin Treat Ball can be filled with dog treats to create a fun, purpose-driven toy for them to play with. While your dog is working to get the tasty treats out, he is engaging his problem-solving skills and using mental energy that may normally come out in anxiety-driven behaviors. If you have a hyperactive puppy, you can try the Busy Buddy Puppy Twist’n Treat Dog Toy, which will tire your puppy out while strengthening his thinking skills as he works to get out the kibble or treats you’ve placed inside. Interactive dog toys can also be used for mealtime! The Starmark Treat Dispensing Bob-a-Lot Dog Toy can be filled with dog food kibbles, to stimulate your dog’s natural hunting and foraging instincts and make mealtime more fun. Dog feeding toys like this are also great for overweight dogs, because it slows down their eating and makes them work for each bite. If you are looking to make your dog’s playtime extra-special, you can try dog treat toys that can be filled with yummy fillers like KONG Stuff’N Easy Treat Peanut Butter Recipe. You can fill a toy like the KONG Extreme Goodie Bone Dog Toy with the tasty peanut butter recipe and freeze it to provide your pup with a delicious surprise that will have them licking their lips and wagging their tails with excitement. Interactive dog toys are great for dogs of all ages, sizes and dispositions. So whether you have a nervous dog, senior dog or young puppy, dog feeding toys are sure to make playtime exciting and mentally stimulating.

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