Ferret Treats

Ferrets just love treats, so consider feeding them the occasional ferret-safe snack as a reward or training incentive. Chewy carries a range of ferret treats for your pets, including freeze-dried meat treats, soft grain-free treats, chew sticks, odor-control treats and more.

The best ferret treats will be full of protein from meat and low in carbs, in keeping with ferrets’ natural carnivorous diet. Some favorite healthy ferret treats include bits of freeze-dried meat with no additives or other ingredients, jerkies made from dried meat, and home-cooked goodies like hard-cooked eggs and cooked meat chunks. Avoid sugary treats or treats with lots of starches—things like grains, vegetables, ice cream and chocolates are very bad for your ferret and should never be given.

You can find ferret treats to help treat common issues in ferrets like hairballs, digestive upsets and excessive fur odor, too. Chewy carries ferret treats with supplements like probiotics, mild laxatives for hairballs and odor-controlling enzymes to help resolve issues from the inside out. There are also tasty chew sticks you can get to keep your ferret’s teeth healthy and clean. Many ferret treats for sale will be fortified with extra vitamins, omega fatty acids, probiotics and superfoods, so read the packages to see if some these might benefit your pet.

Treats can be used as rewards for training ferrets and as incentives to learn simple commands and tricks, too. Remember to stock up on favorite treats when you’re buying ferret bedding and litter for potty training and consider hiding treats in ferret toys or in ferret beds and hammocks to stimulate your pet’s interest in playing, learning tricks and exploring in and out of their ferret cages even more. You can find all the ferret supplies you need for treating and training at Chewy.com. Shop our site for great ferret treats and get your ferret a tasty reward for every occasion!

Frequently Asked Questions:

What can you give ferrets as treats?

You can give your ferrets a variety of packaged and homemade treats, but make sure to choose treats that are meat-based and low in carbohydrates, just like the ferret food you feed them. Chewy carries several types of packaged freeze-dried meat treats for ferrets, along with jerky-style treats, chew sticks, supplement treats and more. You can also feed cooked meat or eggs to your ferrets as a special treat. Avoid vegetables, grains, sugary treats and things like ice cream and chocolate, as these are bad for ferrets.

What healthy treats can you give ferrets?

You can give ferrets meat-based treats that are high in protein and low in carbs for a healthy treat. Cook up some chunks of meat at home or look into one of the freeze-dried meat treats or jerky treats at Chewy.com. These provide essential protein for your little carnivores and won’t load them up on unhealthy carbs they aren’t meant to eat.

Can I give my ferret cat treats?

You can give your ferret cat treats, but make sure they have a high protein content and not too many carbs, as many commercial cat treats can be full of grain or things ferrets aren’t supposed to eat. The safest treats to feed your ferret will usually be small animal treats made especially for ferrets, though. Check out our great selection of meaty treats for ferrets and experiment with different types to see which ones your ferret likes best!

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