Chinchilla Treats

Show your chin how sweet you think he is with chinchilla treats. The best chinchilla treats are the paw-fect combination of tasty and healthy. Hays and grasses are an essential part of your chin's diets, so you'll discover many treats feature these healthy ingredients. Though, like humans, there are some extra tasty treats that can be offered in moderation.

Apples, blueberries and grapes are particularly great for training. Because there are some fruits chins shouldn't have, it's always safe to go with dried fruit snacks especially made for chinchillas Veggies are also an essential and yummy part of your chin's diet that can be offered as often as you'd like. Some favorites are carrots, kale, alfalfa, celery, potatoes, sweet potatoes and squash. Chewy carries multiple varieties of safe and healthy treats for chins, so try different kinds and see what your little furball likes the most!

You'll find all the chinchilla supplies your pal requires at Chewy. When you're just bringing him home, you'll need to start with a chinchilla cage and chinchilla bedding. Be sure to fill his chinchilla food bowl with the right chinchilla food that is the foundation of a healthy and happy life with you. Chinchilla chew toys are another must-have because it helps keep his teeth in tip-top shape. And of course, you can't go wrong when you select the best chinchilla treats for your fluffy pal.

Frequently Asked Questions About Chinchilla Treats

What do chinchillas like for treats?

Chinchillas like many types of treats. At Chewy, you'll find a variety of the best chinchilla treats ranging from biscuits to hay twists and dried fruit. You'll discover that many treats are made with hay, an important and healthy part of your pal's diet. As yummy as fruit snacks are, they often contain a lot of sugar and should be fed only in moderation.

Can you give chinchillas fruits and veggies?

Yes, you can give chinchillas fruits and veggies. Some of your chin's favorite treats might come from the produce section at the grocery store. Healthy veggies include carrots, kale, alfalfa, celery, potatoes, sweet potatoes and squash. Fruit should only be fed in moderation because of the high sugar content. You can offer apples, blueberries, grapes, raisins and sultanas. They're especially great for training!

How do I set up Autoship on my chinchilla treats?

To set up an Autoship on your chinchilla treats, select the Autoship option at checkout. You can choose how often you'd like your pal's treats to arrive. With Autoship, you don't need to worry about your chin's treats running out. You'll always have something to reward your pal! Plus, there's no commitment; change or cancel your order whenever you'd like.