Human-Grade Dog Treats

If you’re looking for healthy dog treats for your four-legged friend, you might want to try out some of our human-grade dog treats. This type of treat uses human-grade ingredients, meaning they undergo the same FDA inspections as the food you eat. That’s how you know human-grade dog treats are made with the utmost quality and are safe for your pets.

The familiar ingredients that go into the process of making these natural dog treats are the same kind of ingredients found in people food. Human-grade dog treats are at the top of the list of healthy dog treats you could give to your pets, and they’ve earned their spot. They’re safe for people to eat, but made especially for dogs with all the flavors they can’t resist.

On Chewy’s site, you’ll find a range of healthy dog treats from top brands that are made with human-grade ingredients. We carry options like soft, baked bites and bars from Caru along with their delicious bone broth that’s slow cooked to perfection. Tylee’s jerky is one of our premium natural dog treats that gives your dog a chewy, flavorful snack that’s high in protein and made with only one ingredient. The Honest Kitchen also offers several natural dog treats, like low-calorie cookie bites, savory jerky and yummy bone broth.

These human-grade dog treats make the perfect complement to your dog’s regular diet as healthy dog treats that will always have him wanting more.

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