Raw Freeze Dried Cat Treats

Like you with your own favorite snacks and desserts, your feline family member enjoys the best cat treats. Treating your cat can strengthen your bond with her. It can also help you establish a routine with your cat that will comfort her. However, 40 to 50 percent of cats are suffering from obesity, so it’s important to treat your cat wisely. Only a small percentage of your cat’s calories should come from treats, so low calorie raw cat treats are a great option. Raw cat food treats are low in calories and high in protein. Healthy raw cat treats feature few ingredients and contain mostly meet. PureBites raw cat food treats contain 100% meat and come in a variety of recipes like PureBites tuna raw cat treats made with yellowfin tuna. Cats are carnivores, meaning they thrive on high protein diets. They don’t need grains or vegetables, so these fillers in their cat food aren’t necessary for good health. While prescription cat food is one way to feed your cat additional nutrients, there are many benefits to feeding your cat a raw cat food diet. At Chewy.com, you will the best cat supplies like raw cat treats and cat food to help your cat reach optimal health. There are many ways to incorporate raw foods into your cat’s diet without any meal preparation. One way is to feed your cat frozen raw cat food. To prepare frozen raw cat food, simply place it in your refrigerator overnight to defrost. Another way to incorporate raw foods is with raw dry cat food. Your cat will enjoy the flavor of freeze dried raw cat food. The freeze-drying process preserves the flavor and nutrients while increasing the shelf life. You can serve your cat freeze dried raw foods via raw cat toppers and mixers by sprinkling them on top of your cat’s regular foods. Cat food toppers increase the nutrition and flavor of your cat’s dry food without requiring any cooking time. They can come in both dry and wet varieties, like Fancy Feast classic collection broths. Provide your cat with the raw nutrition her ancestors thrived on with raw cat treats and more great cat supplies like cat beds, cat harness & leash combos, or a cute cat collar from Chewy.com, your #1 online pet supplies store.

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