Cat Tunnels

Engage your cat’s senses with one of the best interactive cat toys on the market: the cat tunnel. Cat tunnels are multifunctional for a feline—they act as hideaways, stalking spots and nap nooks. The ruffling sound the tunnel makes when cats scurry through keeps them engaged by stimulating their instinctual prey drive. Throw some other interactive cat toys into the mix, like cat ball toys or some cat plush toys, and watch your cat go crazy while she practices her hunting skills. You can even get a play tunnel that already has fun hanging cat toys built-in, like the Pet Magasin collapsible cat tunnels, so your cat can swat at the swaying toys to her heart’s content. Cats love their privacy and oftentimes seek out a cozy hiding spot for their next catnap. Cat tunnels provide the perfect snug spot and will keep your cat feeling safe and comfortable while she rests after playtime. She may even find her new cat tunnel to be the ideal spot to store her favorite cat treat toys, so you might find them hiding inside her cat tunnel at times. Cats are natural stalkers, adopting this behavior from ancestors who depended on hunting prey for food, so your feline will love that their cat tunnel doubles as a sneaky stalking spot. Your kitty can comfortably watch the action in your home from a safe vantage point—a perk your curious cat will truly appreciate. Playtime is essential for cats and gives them the exercise and mental stimulation they need to thrive. With the cat tunnel, you can be sure your kitty is meeting her playtime quota and is perfectly happy in her home. So, if you’re looking for the ultimate interactive cat toy, the cat tunnel is the ideal option for fun-loving felines. A cat tree is another great option if you are looking for a place for your kitty to play. And if you really want to make your kitty feel like royalty think about adding a cat scratcher, perfect for those active cats to play with while you are out of the house. Whether you are looking for a new cat carrier, cat food or even a cat door or cat harness & leash Chewy's online pet store has great deals on all of the cat supplies you and your furry friend will need to make their kingdom complete!

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Frequently Asked Questions About Cat Tunnels

Do cats like to play in tunnels?

Most cats do like to play in cat tunnels, and they are especially fun for cats in multi-cat homes since they can use them to play hide-and-seek. Try a pop-up cat tunnel or a corrugated cardboard tunnel that doubles as a scratcher. Kitties love to play peek-a-boo and hide in tunnels, and many cats will happily play in their cat tunnels for hours on end. When choosing a cat tunnel, remember that every cat has different preferences, so experiment and see which types your cat prefers.

How big should cat tunnels be?

Cat tunnels should be big enough for your cat to hide and play in comfortably without being too cavernous. Thirteen to fourteen inches in diameter is usually big enough for most felines. Kitties like both long and short cat tunnels, so try different lengths and see which ones your cat prefers. You can even find modular tunnels that interlock to make longer runs or fun mazes for your kitty.

What are the best cat tunnels?

The best cat tunnels are the ones your particular kitty likes to play in the most! Choose a crinkle cat tunnel for the fun noises it makes during play or pick a scratcher tunnel to help keep your cat's claws in shape. Collapsible cat tunnels fold up compactly for easy storage, while T-shaped or curved tunnels can be used to create mazes for training, exercise or play. Many cat tunnels do double as cat houses or beds, too.

Can you wash cat tunnels?

You can wash some cat tunnels, but it will depend up on the materials used. Many cat tunnels are made of machine washable fabric, but attached toys and decorations may not do well in the wash. Most cat tunnels can at least be spot cleaned, but check the tags and care instructions before trying any method of cleaning on your cat tunnel.