Vibrating Dog Training Collars

Help your pooch reach her full pet-tential when you train with a vibrating dog collar. These collars put the control in your hands with a remote so you can work on the impolite behaviors you choose like barking, chewing and digging. When she misbehaves, her consequence is a startling, harmless vibration.

Dog training collars with vibration are safe for fur-iends of all ages from young pups to gals in their golden years. Consistency is key to success using your vibrating dog training collar. When you see the undesirable behavior, give her the command to stop. If she doesn’t, use the remote control to cause her collar to vibrate. Steady training is essential to help her make the connection between the vibration and her behavior. Positive reinforcement is a great complement to this consequence training, so once she stops, be sure to tell her what a good girl she is and give her a treat.

The best dog vibration collar is different for every puppy family. To help make your decision, read the product features and reviews on You’ll see many vibrating dog training collars feature different levels of vibration. This allows you to customize your training. Start with the lowest setting, and work your way up to the one that causes a reaction. Some collars also feature a sound warning to remind your furbaby to follow directions before the consequence

There isn’t a one-size-fits-all training method to help your furbaby be the best she can be. There are dog training collars with different consequences that might work better for her, like dog training shock collars or dog sound collars. If barking is the behavior you’d like to address, you can help teach her to quiet down with a vibrating bark collar, dog bark control products and ultrasonic dog repellers that help train, even when you’re not around. Whatever training option you explore, you can feel confident knowing you’ll only find safe options on Shop with us 24/7 for the training supplies you need—like vibrating dog training collars—to have the happiest life with your furbaby!

Frequently Asked Questions:

How do vibrating dog collars work?

Vibrating dog collars work by emitting a subtle vibration to deter negative behavior. Using a remote, you decide when the collar vibrates. This is a consequence method for training, and your pup associates bad behavior, like barking or chewing, with the uncomfortable vibrating feeling. They are similar to vibrating bark collars, which do not require a remote and use a sensor to detect your furbaby’s barking.

Are vibrating dog collars safe for dogs?

Vibrating dog collars are safe for dogs of all ages and breeds. A gentle-yet-annoying vibration is used as a punishment for bad behavior. With a remote, you have control over the situation and when she needs a consequence. It’s always a good idea to consult with your vet if you aren’t sure about using a vibrating dog collar for your pup.

How do you train a dog with a vibrating collar?

To train your dog with a vibrating collar, you will need to help her associate the vibration with negative behavior. You can use it to help stop digging, biting, chewing, aggression or even going into prohibited areas. Using the remote, you will make the collar vibrate whenever she starts the undesired behavior and doesn’t respond to your command. Consistency is key, and remember that a vibrating collar will work best when combined with training methods like positive reinforcement.

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