Cat-Themed Wall Decor

A true cat lover’s home should look like one—not in terms of cat hair, but the décor. You can use cat décor items to give your house the feel of one that welcomes and cherishes pets as part of the family. Pieces of cat art, cat paintings and other fun cat décor can instantly add personality and make any space feel a little more warmhearted and inviting.

Check out our cat décor options to find cat art with beautiful and colorful depictions of kitties playing, lounging, jumping, stretching and just being cats. Removable wall decals with silhouetted cat scenes give rooms a modern touch with little effort, and you can easily remove them or change the scene whenever you want. Framed photos and canvas art are also great ideas for decorating children’s rooms, hanging in a guest room, or displaying in the living room for a complete cat-themed design scheme.

Cat art and cat paintings also make thoughtful gifts for cat lovers. Surprise a friend or family member who’s fond of felines with a cat art print that captures the beauty of these animals—they’re sure to enjoy such a unique and thoughtful gift.

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