Cat Shelves

Looking to spoil your feline friend? Consider cat wall shelves. It’s no secret that cats like to climb, perch and hide. Many cat owners know about cat trees or modern cat furniture, but cat wall shelves are a fun alternative that open up floor space. Cat wall furniture turns your home into a cat playland. You can turn any wall into an attraction with cat wall shelves. Chewy has a variety of cat wall shelves to choose from. Consider a wall-mounted cat tree like the CatastrophiCreations Cat Mod Wall-Mounted Cat Complex for optimal play including cat scratching posts, hideaways, perches and more. This set includes a challenging maze of hanging hammocks, a ladder, sisal scratching pole and planters. These cat wall shelves promote physical and mental health by satisfying your cat’s instinct and urge to climb. It’s the perfect gift for the anxious feline in your life. Your cat will enjoy being able to rest on the window cat perches without being in plain sight. These shelves can hold up to 32 pounds. Wall shelves are a more modern cat furniture option compared to traditional cat houses. If you prefer not to take up wall space, you could consider cat condos and trees for entertaining your feline. In addition to entertainment, has top cat essentials like cat food and litter. There are a few different types of cat litter and Chewy has them all from today’s top pet brands. Get everything you need to care for your fur friend from cat beds to playful cat toys at Chew’s online pet store.

Frequently Asked Questions About Cat Shelves

Do cats like wall shelves?

Most cats like wall shelves and enjoy the chance to perch somewhere up high. Older cats and those with mobility issues may need lower shelves, and you should always position wall shelves near a piece of furniture to make jumping a little easier. Look for sturdy construction and comfortable, washable perch pad materials that make cleaning simple and easy.

What size should cat wall shelves be?

Cat wall shelves should be wide enough and long enough that your cat can safely jump onto them and rest comfortably once she’s there. A good size for most cat shelves is 12 inches by 18 inches, but larger cats may need larger dimensions.

How far apart should cat wall shelves be?

Cat wall shelves should be 11-18 inches apart horizontally and 10-17 inches apart vertically. This spacing should make it easy for your cat to jump on the shelves without too much difficulty or strain. Older or smaller cats may require shelves positioned closer together, so err on the side of closer if you are in doubt.

Are cat wall shelves safe?

Cat wall shelves are safe if you mount them properly and according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Most shelves recommend using the included hardware (or other sturdy mounting hardware) and anchoring it into a wall stud. Do not mount shelves into crumbling plaster or damaged walls and always test your cat shelves for sturdiness before letting your cat use them. Also, if your cat has mobility or eyesight issues, you probably want to avoid using cat shelves for safety reasons.