Chinchilla Water Bottles

Keep your chinchillas properly hydrated by having one or two always-full chinchilla water bottles in the cage. Chewy offers lots of great water bottles for chinchillas, including bottles that mount to the cage, freestanding water bottles and tip-proof chinchilla water bowls, too.

The best chinchilla water bottles will feature a cage-mounted design to save space and a chew-resistant spout with a no-drip ball closure design. Glass bottles with stainless spouts are a popular choice, but you can also find sturdy plastic bottles that do the job well. Top-fill models make refilling extra easy, while large capacity reservoirs save time and trouble refilling. BPA-free plastic and glass bottles can also help ensure your pets aren’t being exposed to toxins in their water.

You can also use bowls to serve your chins their water instead of or in addition to a water bottle. These can be helpful for older or ailing pets who find sitting up to drink from a bottle difficult, or they may just suit a picky chinchilla’s preference. Look for tip-resistant bowls if you go this route and remember to change the water frequently to keep it fresh and clean. Know that chinchillas will knock hay and other things into their bowls, so monitor water bowls carefully and beware of contamination.

It’s a good idea to keep several water sources in your chinchilla cage, along with chinchilla food bowls for serving chinchilla food pellets and fresh veggies. A healthy habitat should also have several inches of chinchilla bedding, plus hideouts and beds for sleeping and privacy. A dust bath is another essential item to ensure good chinchilla grooming and health. Chewy has all the chinchilla supplies you need to set up the perfect cage for your chinchillas. Shop our great selection of chinchilla water bottles and start creating a healthy and happy home for your pets!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do chinchillas need water bottles?

Chinchillas do need water bottles, as they should always have a constant supply of clean water. Chinchillas will get hay and other contaminants in their water if you use a bowl, and will often tip over any water bowls you put in their cage. If you do choose to use a water bowl for your pets, monitor it frequently and clean and refill it daily. Having more than one water source in the cage is a good idea, too, as water bottles can malfunction or leak and bowls can run dry or get dirty.

How much water do chinchillas need?

Chinchillas need a full water bottle that’s cleaned and refilled daily. Most chinchillas drink around 2 oz. of water a day, but the amount will vary depending on the size and habits of your pet. Play it safe and always offer much more water than your chinchilla will drink in a day and be sure to change the water frequently.

Can chinchillas drink tap water?

Chinchillas can drink tap water, but you need to make sure your tap water is of good quality and safe for your chinchillas. Many chinchilla owners prefer to use filtered or bottle water instead out of an abundance of caution, but this isn’t strictly necessary. If your home uses well water or has a water source that may be questionable, consider using filtered water for your chinchillas. Otherwise, any tap water you would drink yourself should be just fine for your little pets.

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