Portable Dog Water Bottles

Keep your best friend hydrated on the go with a dog water bottle made just for his needs. Chewy carries a range of great portable dog water bottle styles, including dog travel water bottle and bowl combos, dog water bottle dispenser models with drinking nozzles, dog water bottle squeeze hydration flasks and more.

Most experts recommend carrying a dog water bottle for walking on hot days or long distances and taking one with you on car trips, too. You can find several integrated designs that include both a bottle and bowl for drinking or bottles with nozzles that let dogs to drink directly out of them without a bowl. Some even feature handy squeeze mechanisms that let you dispense just enough water for a quick drink on the go.

Cage-mounted portable water bottles for dogs work well in crates during travel. These usually feature a spill- and leak-resistant design and a sturdy nozzle that lets dogs drink directly from the bottle. These can also be used for crate training and are especially helpful for dogs who tend to knock over their water bowls while they’re in the crate. Just make sure your dog knows how to drink out of the nozzle and doesn’t mind using it.

Many travel water bottles come with dog travel bowls that you can use for either food or water while you’re out and about. Portable dog feeders make it easy to give your dog food on the run, while dog treat pouches make carrying treats with you on outings a snap. And don’t forget to keep your dog well-supplied with fresh water at home, too, by using automatic dog waterers for convenience or dog water fountains that circulate and filter the water for freshness. Chewy has everything you need to keep your pup watered and fed at home and pretty much anywhere you might go. Shop our great selection of dog water bottles and pick up everything you need for walks, hikes and trips!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do dogs need water bottles?

Not all dogs need water bottles, but having a water source with you on long walks, trips or outings on hot days is a good idea. Look for a design that will be easy to carry and easy to dispense—designs with nozzles or integrated bowls work well and are compact enough to carry anywhere you go. Some even feature a flat design and clips that let you fasten them to your dog’s harness so you don’t have to carry them. Whatever water bottle you choose, your dog will be happy to have a fresh source of water and staying hydrated will keep him extra peppy and healthy.

How do you use portable dog water bottles?

Most portable dog water bottles are used by squeezing or pouring the water into a bowl for the dog to drink from. Most styles come with the bowl attached or integrated into the top for easy filling, and many feature a compact and easy to use design. Some bottles use a nozzle design instead that lets dogs drink directly from the bottle, and some of these can be mounted for use in crates, too. Cage-mounted nozzle bottles should always be used in crates during travel to help prevent spills and leaks.

Are dog water bottles dishwasher-safe?

Many dog water bottles are dishwasher safe for easy cleaning and sanitizing, but check the specs before you buy. Some water bottles, especially bladder styles and very lightweight bottles, will need to be hand-washed instead. The OllyDog OllyBottle Portable Dog Water Bottle is both dishwasher-safe and BPA-free and features an integrated water bowl that snaps right onto the side.

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