Cat Water Fountains

Cats are notorious for having low thirst drives. They don’t feel thirsty often, but they need water to stay hydrated and avoid health issues like cat bladder problems, urinary diseases, kidney disease and feline lower urinary tract infections. Help your feline get the water she needs with inviting cat water fountains. Water fountains for cats provide a steady stream of fresh water for your cat to entice her to drink more. With cat water bowl fountains, you can avoid water going stale, which cats can’t stand. The cat flower water fountain at is a popular choice. It has the appearance of a small potted plant and features three distinct water settings to entice your picky drinker. You can choose between a gentle flow, bubbling top or calm stream. Test them all to discover your cat’s favorite way to drink. If you are looking for a sophisticated fountain to add to your home décor, consider a ceramic cater water fountain. The Drinkwell Pagoda pet fountain comes in a beautiful Himalayan blue and three other colors. It also has a 70-ounce water capacity, making it perfect for small to medium sized pets. The constant circulation of this fountain inhibits bacteria growth at the bottom of the bowl. You’ll find other Drinkwell cat water fountains at including stainless steel options. Get cat water fountains and filters to keep your cat’s water fresh and delicious. Cat water fountain filters and pumps prevent hair, debris and sediment from entering the pump or water reservoir. If your cat prefers simple cat water bowls consider an elevated bowl to encourage proper digestion. Cats can make a mess when they drink. Using cat placemats can prevent your cat from tracking water around the house. You can find other cat supplies your cat will love at that also make pet parenting much easier. Keeping your cat at a healthy weight can be challenging. Most housecats are overweight because they don’t get the exercise they need and love to graze on cat food. With automatic cat feeders you can establish how much food or cat treats should be released at a time. Cats can’t get into the food supply, so you can ensure they are only eating as much as they should to remain at an ideal weight. You can also get help cleaning that stinky cat litter and avoid traveling odors with automatic litter boxes. Find these cat tech products and more at Chewy’s online pet store.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Cat Water Fountains

Do cats like water fountains?

Most cats like water fountains because they enjoy the freshness and movement of running water. A few cats may be a little afraid of the water fountain, so avoid noisy models if you happen to have a timid cat. Many kitties will warm up to a new water fountain within just a few days, but all cats are different and some are more finicky than others.

What's the best cat water fountain?

The best cat water fountain will be quiet, easy to clean, and attractive to your cat. Look for models with a large capacity if you have multiple cats, and consider a stainless or ceramic model if your cat happens to have an intolerance to plastic. Some cats prefer a falling water design, while others like ones that bubble and gurgle. You may need to experiment to see which one your cat likes best.

Do cat water fountains need filters?

Most cat water fountains do need filters to keep the water clean and smelling fresh. You can usually buy refill filters for your fountain in bulk to ensure you never run out of them, or try Chewy’s Autoship and have them sent automatically as often as you like!

Does my cat really need a water fountain?

Cat water fountains are recommended as they to encourage your cat to drink more. Most felines lack a natural thirst drive, and they may not get enough water from their diet alone, especially if they eat dry kibble. Running water from a fountain can help you increase your cat’s water intake and contribute to her overall well-being and good health.