Human-Grade Wet Dog Food

If your pup is on a diet of kibble, canned food, or a little of both, and you’re looking to step up his diet, it’s time to try out human-grade dog food. When you see a package that says human grade, it means that the food was made with premium ingredients that have passed the FDA regulations for human food, so you know you’re getting the best dog food that’s guaranteed to be of good quality. You’ll find a range of different options for serving human-grade dog food at Chewy. For a hearty meal, check out Caru’s human-grade dog food stews. These savory stews are extremely versatile. You can mix them with your dog’s kibble to add a tasty topper, or you can serve them on their own as complete and balanced meals. They use a special cooking process so that the end result is delicious, and it looks and tastes like a home-cooked meal. In each human-grade dog food stew, you can see and identify the real ingredients that go into every recipe—unlike kibble or a pâté. Your pup will enjoy the unique flavors of each fruit and veggie, including apples, green beans, carrots, sweet potatoes and pumpkin. Add to that the mesmerizing appeal of real beef, turkey, chicken, pork, lamb or duck simmered in a rich, meaty broth, and you’ve got a meal that’s irresistible to hungry pups. Treat your dog to a healthy dog food with one of these tempting human-grade dog food stews. You can use it as a special mix-in for kibble, or make the switch and serve it for every meal!

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