Veterinary Wet Dog Food

When you think of prescription dog food, you might be picturing a bland food that simply serves a medicinal purpose for pooches on restrictive diets. But as you start looking into the options available, you'll find that the makers of prescription dog food have done a lot of research not just on its therapeutic value, but also the taste factor. After all, what good is a veterinary diet that your dog won't eat? Prescription diets come in dry kibble, but most have matching canned recipes for a little bit of variety. Wet dog food is full of moisture with rich flavors that most dogs love. Prescription wet food for pups is no different when it comes to taste appeal. Search Chewy and you'll come across doggie favorites like beef, chicken, duck, turkey, pork and fish proteins. Veterinary wet dog food recipes are specifically formulated to manage certain health issues such as sensitive skin, excess weight, kidney damage, food intolerances or the effects of aging. Hill's Prescription Diet dog food and Royal Canin Veterinary Diet dog food, two of the major prescription dog food lines, are available with proof of prescription right on our site. The popular Royal Canin Urinary SO dog food comes in a pâté-style food, and the Moderate Calorie version features meaty morsels in gravy. For dogs looking to shed a few pounds, Hill's Prescription Diet wet dog food complements their dry weight control foods, including r/d Weight Reduction and w/d Digestive/Weight/Glucose Management. Their Metabolic formula comes in chicken flavor, vegetable and beef stew, or chicken and vegetable stew, and the Metabolic + Mobility is a mouthwatering stew with tuna and vegetables. As you can see, there are plenty of ways to tempt your best buddy's taste buds, no matter which prescription dog food he eats. As with any prescription diet, talk it over with your vet before introducing a corresponding wet dog food. She'll be able to tell you exactly how much of the canned food to feed, whether you choose to give your pet strictly wet food or you want to mix it with the dry food. It's very important that you're only feeding the prescription dog food and not supplementing with over-the-counter foods or treats. Chewy carries all of the delicious wet and dry options for prescription diet foods. That means your pup gets the best of both worlds with a variety of flavors and textures to chow down on.

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