Wet Dog Food for Weight Control

Having an overweight dog is all too common for today's pet parents. If your pup is having trouble staying slim and trim, a weight loss dog food can provide the right nutrition to help keep her fit and healthy. Canned dog food weight control formulas are high in nutritious protein and low in calories and fat to help your pet succeed in losing those extra pounds. Adding wet food to your pet's diet can help, as it tends to have more protein and fewer carbohydrates in comparison to dry food dog food. We know that it's a daunting task to maintain your dog's ideal weight for his breed, size or age. But you'll find the perfect weight loss dog food for your four-legged friend right here at Chewy. There's a wide array of dog weight control formulas in a variety of flavors for both adult and senior dogs. And just because your pooch is going on a weight management diet doesn't mean she has to give up on the taste factor. These recipes are highly palatable to tempt any dog's taste buds.Talk to your vet about the best weight loss dog food for your dog's needs. Your veterinarian might suggest a prescription wet food that promotes weight loss in dogs. These formulas have a synergistic blend of ingredients that help keep your pet's weight under control. And you won't have to go to the vet's office to get them -you can order them through Chewy with proof of prescription. Non-prescription weight loss dog food is usually low in calories and fat and full of premium protein that promotes lean muscle mass. Most are created for adult dogs, but some combine senior and weight loss in one formula, like Canidae Life Stages Platinum Formula and Natural Balance Original Ultra Whole Body Health. That's because both senior and overweight dogs tend to be less active and require fewer calories. Starting your dog on a weight loss dog food along with 30 minutes of daily playtime can put her on the path to lifelong health. You can reduce her risk of health issues like diabetes, heart disease and hip dysplasia just by changing her diet. Be sure to measure the portions carefully and feed only the recommended amount. With a weight loss dog food, your prized pup will have less stress on her joints and more energy to play. Shop for the best weight loss dog food and more on Chewy's online dog store.

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