Wet Veterinary Cat Food

Prescription cat food is a special type of therapeutic food that treats certain illnesses that are prevalent in cats. They're developed by veterinarians and scientists based on extensive research. Ingredients are chosen according to the health benefits they provide so that the overall formula helps alleviate symptoms and keep the ailment in check. But don't worry, they've also made sure that these prescription wet cat food are tasty, too, with extensive palatability tests. If you think your cat might need prescription cat food and you usually feed her wet food, then a prescription wet cat food might be the answer. Prescription pet foods, just like any pet prescription medication, must be authorized by your veterinarian. So you'll need to make an appointment for your cat with the vet to discuss your pet's symptoms. If the vet recommends a prescription wet cat food, then all you need to do is fax or email the prescription to our vet team. Yep, we have a whole team to take care of it here at Chewy! Then you'll be able to order your pet food through Chewy and get free pet food delivered right to you. Chewy carries top brands such as Hill's Prescription Diet wet cat food and Purina Pro Plan Veterinary Diets wet cat food. No more stopping by the vet's office during certain limited hours. Prescription wet cat foods are made to be not only beneficial to your kitty's health, but they're formulated to appeal to her taste buds, too. Because once you get the cat food, you want her to like it. Some of the things that can be treated with prescription cat food are urinary tract infection, itchy skin or upset stomach caused by food allergies, kidney disease, gastrointestinal upset and weight issues. Browse some of our prescription wet cat food options on the site, and be sure to make that vet appointment to get your kitty on the track to better health. So whether you need a new bag of cat litter, some new cat toys or maybe a cat condo Chewy's online pet store is sure to have great deals on all of the best cat supplies! Related Categories: Vet Recommended Dry Cat Food, Vet Recommended Cat Treats, Veterinary Cat Diets

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