Wet Cat Food Toppers

Once you find a specific cat food that works for your kitty, you’ll likely be inclined to want to stick with it. But if you want to add flavor and nutrients to your pet’s existing diet, one solution can be to add a wet cat food topper to your cat’s everyday meal. This can be sprinkled into her cat bowl over her meal to enhance the flavor of the food while simultaneously providing a boost of protein and other nutrients.

If you feed your cat a chicken-based recipe, tossing in some seafood can be a great way to give her a renewed love for her everyday kibble. Wet cat food toppers can also give your pet other flavor options without having to switch up her everyday dry cat food or wet cat food. Wet cat food toppers come in resealable pouches and they are an affordable option for getting your cats to venture beyond their typical diets.

Chewy has a wide variety of wet cat food toppers that will cater to your pet. Fancy Feast Classic Collection Broths variety pack offers wet cat food toppings that can easily turn an everyday meal into a feast with the help of real ingredients such as tuna, shrimp, whitefish, anchovies, wild salmon vegetables and fish broth. Fruitables Wildly Natural low-sodium chicken broth is a wet food cat topper that contains homestyle chicken flavors and adds a dose of hydration to your pet’s food. Fancy Feast Classic Broths with tuna, shrimp and whitefish is a collection of various flavors of wet cat food toppings that can help to turn a mundane meal into a tasty one.

Whether you are looking to spice up your cat’s food with some new mouthwatering ingredients or sneak in some additional nutrients, Chewy has got all your wet cat food topper needs covered. Also, shop Chewy's online pet store for low prices on all your other cat supplies such as cat grooming supplies, a cat stroller, cat door or cat crates & cages.

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