Gerbil Wheels

Every gerbil can benefit from a gerbil wheel for exercise along with various other activities for play and fitness. Chewy offers lots of great gerbil exercise wheels, along with a variety of rolling gerbil ball toys and gerbil tunnel play tubes for added rodent workout options. Your gerbil will never be bored in or out of his cage if you give him lots of great entertainment and exercise activities to choose from!

Gerbil wheels come in two main styles: the traditional ferris wheel-shaped design and the newer flat, saucer-style wheels. Traditional wheels come in a variety of sizes, styles and materials, and you can choose from free-standing or cage mounted designs, solid-surface or wire construction and sizes ranging from small to large. The best gerbil exercise wheels will be big enough to let your pet run without arching his back, with a solid surface that protects his feet from the injury wire surfaces can cause. Saucer or treadmill-style wheels provide a naturally flatter and usually solid running surface, but you still need to make sure your wheel is big enough that your gerbil can run without twisting his body. Whichever style you choose, make sure to get a quiet gerbil wheel to avoid unnecessary while you're trying to relax or sleep.

Exercise balls are another great way to let your gerbil get in some healthy running, and you'll find lots of good options to choose from. The best gerbil balls feature transparent construction, so your gerbil can see where he's going, and enough space that he doesn't have to contort while running and risk spinal injury. Tunnels can also be set up to provide space to play, hide and run, too, and although you'll find a variety of gerbil tunnels for sale, be sure to pick the ones that are wide enough to allow good airflow and those made from chew-resistant, easy-to-clean material.

You can get a gerbil cage that comes already equipped with a wheel and tunnels, but always make sure wheels and tunnels are large enough to allow your gerbil to play safely. There are some cool gerbil hideouts and beds that double as fun play spaces for your gerbils, and you can encourage other forms of healthy exercise by providing lots of different gerbil toys for your pet to play with; try hiding them in the gerbil bedding to create a fun foraging game! Gerbil chew toys will also provide a good workout for your gerbil's teeth, and activity center toys with lots of chew surfaces will help keep your pet mentally stimulated as well as physically. Whatever gerbil supplies you need to keep your gerbil healthy in body and mind, you can find them at Shop our great gerbil wheel selection and start building the perfect playground for your gerbil!

Frequently Asked Questions About Gerbil Wheels

Do gerbils use exercise wheels?

Gerbils do use exercise wheels, and they can provide a healthy exercise and entertainment outlet for your pets. Gerbils in the wild are quite active and need lots of room to run around and forage for food. A wheel will let them work all that healthy energy out while in the cage and help keep your gerbils from getting bored or gaining weight. You should also provide plenty of time outside the cage, preferably somewhere safe like a playpen or gerbil-proofed room, so your gerbils can get in some healthy running. Providing lots of different mentally and physically stimulating activities for gerbils in and out of the cage will help keep your gerbil happy and fit.

What is the best type of wheels for gerbils?

The best types of wheels for gerbils will have a solid surface, a large diameter, and a quiet operation. Avoid wheels with wire surfaces, as these can hurt your gerbil's feet or injure his tail, and be sure to pick a wheel that's big enough for your gerbil to run in without bending his back. A traditional wheel that's 7-8 inches in diameter should be large enough or try one of the flatter flying-saucer shaped wheels that's roughly the same size. Finding a wheel that operates silently when your gerbils run will help rest easy and you keep your sanity, too.

Can gerbils run in a ball?

Gerbils can run in a ball, and many of them quite enjoy scurrying around the house in exercise balls. Choose a ball that's nice and clear so your gerbil can see out easily and be sure to pick one that's big enough for him to run around in without bending. A gerbil ball that's at least 7 inches in diameter will be comfortable for most gerbils. Be sure to always supervise your gerbil when he's in the ball, make sure it's in a safe area away from stairs and other pets, and monitor him closely to make sure he doesn't get distressed inside the ball.