Chinchilla Wheels, Tunnels & Balls

When your chinchilla is one fluffball of energy, you can help him get in some exercise and entertainment inside his cage with a chinchilla exercise wheel, ball toy and a chinchilla tunnel. Busy chinchillas are happier chinchillas, and these three activities can keep him mentally and physically stimulated even when you can’t be there to play.

When searching for the best chinchilla wheels, be sure to look at ones made just for your friend. Some other petite pets also use exercise wheels, which are likely too small for your chin. Also, it should have a solid bottom instead of mesh so his adorable toes don’t get stuck. While you’re trying your best to get your chinchilla as much exercise as possible, you might find your furbaby just isn’t interested—not all chinchillas are. But if the wheel does happen to be a favorite, you might want to go with a quiet chinchilla wheel. Because chinchillas tend to be most active in the middle of the night, he could keep you awake if he has a squeaky wheel!

The best chinchilla tunnels appeal to your furbaby’s need for tight spaces to feel safe. Plus, they’re extra fun to run through and shake up his exercise sessions. Also, you should know that the best chinchilla balls might not be for running around inside—your chin will probably prefer a ball he can chew and push around with his nose.

There are plenty of other ways to keep your chinchilla entertained and mentally stimulated! You’ll find a variety of chinchilla toys at Chewy. Chinchilla chew toys are a must-have because chinchilla’s teeth grow all throughout their lives. These chewable toys help your chin keep them nice and trim. Additions to your chinchilla cage are also key. Your fluffball will need a chinchilla hammock and bed for places to snooze and feel safe. Chinchilla bedding is another great way to help make the cage homey. When it’s time to shop for chinchilla supplies like the best chinchilla wheels, you can explore your options online right at Chewy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do chinchillas use exercise wheels?

Yes, chinchillas use exercise wheels, but they should be larger than wheels for other tiny friends. Choose one that’s made especially for chinchillas because wheels for other petite pets, like mice, won’t be big enough. Make sure it doesn’t have a mesh bottom, or his teeny tiny feet could get stuck. Also, consider the noise level. Your chin is probably most active at night, and he might keep you up with his running!

Can chinchillas run in a ball?

Some chinchillas can run in a ball, but it’s not the safest exercise outlet for your friend. Your chin is much larger than other petite pets who can run inside of exercise balls. Plus, it's not as natural of a movement for your pal. If you'd like to add a ball to playtime, consider a chew ball instead. It's the paw-fect combination of fun and function—it helps take care of his teeth and he can push it around.

Do chinchillas like tunnels?

Yes, chinchillas like tunnels. In fact, they are a fur-avorite toy! Because chinchillas are prey animals, the need for security and hiding is a natural instinct. Your fluffball will love running through for exercise and then hiding when he needs a rest. Plus, it's mentally stimulating and a great way to fend off boredom.

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