Dog Ear Wipes

Regular ear cleanings are vital to your dog’s health. Not only will you prevent wax and debris buildup, but you can also spot dog ear infections and catch infestations before they become more serious health problems for your canine companion. Regular dog ear cleaning can be challenging when your pup doesn’t want to stay put, so keep a bag of dog treats handy when performing an ear cleaning. Regularly scheduled ear cleanings are a great way to keep your dog’s ears free of disease and infection. At Chewy, we carry a wide range of dog ear cleaning products, including dog ear wipes. If your dog makes a mess of ear cleansers, dog ear wipes may be a more convenient option for you both to gently clean the areas around the ear. These areas are very sensitive, so an aggressive cleaning may cause damage to the structures inside of your dog’s ears. Ear cleanings should not be painful, so if your dog appears to be in pain during a cleaning, see your veterinarian. Cotton balls or gauze are often needed when cleaning ears with dog ear cleansers, but with dog ear wipes, all you need is the wipe. At Chewy, you’ll find dog ear wipes from top pet brands, including Earthbath dog ear wipes, Pet MD dog ear wipes and Nootie dog ear wipes. A common ingredient in dog ear wipes is aloe vera, which soothes your pup’s gentle ears. If you’re looking for a convenient dog ear cleaner, consider dog ear wipes for a no-mess, no-fuss way to keep your canine’s ears healthy. Find top dog ear cleaners and more at Chewy’s online pet store with the best dog products. Related Categories: Dog Ear Cleaning Solution, Dog Ear Cleaning Gel & Powder, Best Dog Ear Cleaner

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