Wire Dog Crates & Kennels

Canines are den animals. Wild dogs consider their dens a place to sleep, hide from danger and raise a family. Domestic dogs consider their dog crates and kennels to be their den. For parents, large wire dog crates are also a place to put your friend when you’re away or housetraining. For giant breeds or dogs who want an upgraded space, there are XL wire dog crates. In addition to traditional wire dog crates, we carry plastic dog crates which are durable and great for traveling. The Petmate Ultra Vari dog crate has a durable plastic shell and an easy-open squeeze latch. Metal side vents promote healthy airflow. The tie-down strap holes allow you to zip-tie the kennel for secure airline travel.

For a visually appealing option, dog crate furniture looks just like your home furniture. Lovely wooden dog crates are a great, sturdy option. The Merry Products triple door dog crate is a luxurious wooden dog crate with beautiful barn doors. For car travel, soft dog crates are a great option. They fit comfortably in your backseat and turn an uncomfortable car ride into a cozy trip for your dog. Once you have chosen a dog crate, consider dog crate accessories to make your dog’s crate feel more like home. Make your canine’s dog food more accessible while she’s in her crate with kennel bowls. Good quality dog crate mats can add comfort to your dog’s crate.

The Frisco Micro Terry crate mat is machine washable and made of micro-terry fabric to keep her cool in the summer and warm in the winter. If your dog prefers something more plush, dog beds may be a better option. Some dogs suffer from anxiety. If your dog has a problem barking at whatever that moves, dog crate covers can help by blacking out the outside. Find these dog supplies and more at Chewy.com.

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