Baytril (Enrofloxacin / Silver Sulfadiazine) Otic Solution for Dogs

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Baytril is an antibacterial solution prescribed by many veterinarians for pets who have an ear infection caused by susceptible bacteria or fungus. It was the first FDA-approved topical solution to treat ear infections in dogs, and it's a water-based emulsion that also helps to soothe infected ears.


Baytril Otic is a liquid emulsion that is used topically directly in the ear or on the skin in order to treat susceptible bacterial and yeast infections.

Possible Side Effects

Most pets experience no problems. However, hearing loss, balance disorders and increased redness of the ear are possible. Other side effects may occur. Call your veterinarian if your pet experiences any problems while receiving Baytril Otic.

Drug & Food Interactions

No drug-related contraindications have been reported.


If your pet has an allergy to Baytril, other quinolone antibiotics, and/or sulfonamides, do not give this medication to her. Young dogs who are still growing (up to 24 months) can experience growth abnormalities if Baytril is given. Animals with central nervous system (CNS) disorders, such as epilepsy, should be given Baytril cautiously; discuss risks with your veterinarian if your pet has a CNS disorder. Tell your veterinarian if your pet's eardrum is perforated. The safety in pregnant, lactating or breeding animals is unknown.

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    12 hours

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    Enrofloxacin, Silver Sulfadiazine

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  • Health Condition

    Ear Infections

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    Antibiotic, Antifungal


Enrofloxacin 5 Mg, Silver Sulfadiazine 10 Mg.

Recommended Dosage

5-10 drops twice daily for 14 days.

Storage Instructions

Protect from direct sunlight. Do not freeze. Store at or below 77°F, excursions permitted up to 104°F. Use within 90 days of the first puncture and puncture a maximum of 20 times. Any product remaining after 20 punctures or more than 90 days after initial puncture should be discarded.


What is Baytril Otic?

Baytril Otic is a liquid emulsion that is used topically directly in the ear or on the skin in order to treat susceptible bacterial and yeast infections.

What are the benefits of Baytril Otic?

  • The first FDA-approved topical solution to treat ear infections in dogs.
  • Combination of ingredients is highly effective against multiple species of bacteria and yeast.
  • Water-based emulsion also helps to soothe infected ears.

How is this medication given?

Apply directly onto skin or in the infected ear(s) according to your veterinarian's specific instructions. After applying each dose, massage the ear(s) gently in order to distribute the medication.

How does this medication work?

Enrofloxacin and silver sulfadiazine (main ingredients in Baytril Otic) work together to stop DNA synthesis within the susceptible organism which eventually causes death and clearing of the infection.

What results can I expect?

When used as directed, Baytril Otic kills susceptible bacteria and yeast that causes infections of the skin and ears. Your pets symptoms should start to improve several days into treatment and infection should be resolved by the end of the prescribed course of treatment. Do not use for more than 14 days. If symptoms are still present after treatment is complete or if your pet seems worse, contact your veterinarian for further instructions.

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