Advantage II

Advantage II is manufactured by Bayer, a leading name in the healthcare industry for over 150 years. Finding its roots in making aspirin for people, Bayer ultimately committed itself to keeping pets happy and healthy as well. With the belief that cats and dogs deserve the same treatment as their human counterparts, Bayer has created a legacy of innovation and quality that guides them in every step. Advantage II starts killing fleas within 12 hours of application, thanks to a powerful combination of ingredients that is totally safe for pets and people. Plus, it works through contact, which means fleas don’t even need to bite to die. And since it kills all flea life stages and works nonstop for 30 days, it helps to prevent future generations from causing pesky itching and discomfort for pets. Targeting fleas, flea larvae, flea eggs, and lice, the waterproof formula is highly effective in keeping pets comfortable and free of parasites.

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