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Is American Journey AAFCO approved?

American Journey is not AAFCO approved, as AAFCO does not approve pet foods. AAFCO standards are designed to let consumers know whether a pet food provides complete and balanced nutrition for a particular life stage. All American Journey pet food formulas do meet AAFCO standards for nutritional adequacy, providing everything your pet needs for a balanced diet. Foods designed for supplemental feeding, like American Journey Treats and American Journey Salmon Oil, do not meet these specific dietary standards and should only be fed as healthy additions to a balanced diet.

Do vets recommend American Journey dog and cat food?

Many vets do recommend American Journey dog and cat food. American Journey foods are made with wholesome ingredients and a balanced mix of vitamins and minerals to help pets thrive. Your vet can advise you on choosing the best food for your pet’s life stage, breed and health profile.

Is American Journey pet food good for allergies?

American Journey pet food may be good for allergies, as all American Journey formulas are made without artificial ingredients or fillers that could trigger certain sensitivities. Pets with food allergies may benefit from one of the many American Journey Limited Ingredient dog food or cat food formulas. These recipes are made with a single animal protein source and only a few carefully selected ingredients to help pets avoid common allergens. Your vet can give you the best guidance on how to help a pet with allergies and advise you on choosing the right food.

Which American Journey food should I buy for my pet?

You should choose the American Journey food that best suits the needs of your pet. Consider your pet’s breed, size, life stage, health concerns and taste preferences when choosing a new food. Both American Journey dog food and American Journey cat food varieties come in delicious wet and dry formulas for all life stages. Try feeding a finicky kitty American Journey wet cat food—even the pickiest felines love it! Choose from American Journey grain free dog food or cat food formulas, or try one of the wholesome grains recipes. Growing pets will thrive on nutritious American Journey puppy food or kitten recipes, and older pets will benefit from the added nutrition in American Journey foods for seniors. American Journey also makes several limited ingredient formulas for cats and dogs, which are ideal for pets with allergies or sensitivities. Your vet can give you guidance on choosing the right foods if you are uncertain.

Is American Journey dog and cat food made in the USA?

American Journey dog and cat food is manufactured in the USA using domestic and globally-sourced ingredients from trusted suppliers.

What ingredients does American Journey use in their cat and dog food?

The ingredients American Journey uses in their cat and dog food formulas include real meats, poultry and fish, as well as wholesome fruits and vegetables. American Journey Active Life recipes for dogs and Total Health formulas for cats also include wholesome grains like brown rice. All American Journey formulas are crafted using only nutritious, natural ingredients and no corn, wheat, soy or poultry by-product meals.

About American Journey

American Journey knows that your pets are always ready to explore, so they need the right pet food and pet treats that can fuel all those adventures. That’s why they craft their signature American Journey dog food & cat food such as grain-free wet cat food, grain-free wet dog food, grain-free dry dog food, grain-free dog treats, grain-free cat treats and salmon oil for dogs and cats. They also know that every pet—and every journey—is unique, so whether your sidekick loves exploring wooded hiking trails or the great indoors, you won’t need to wonder what’s the best gluten-free cat food or best grain-free dog food to fuel their pursuits. Every American Journey cat & dog food recipe is made with real animal protein as the first ingredient to support active muscles, so you can choose from beef dog food, lamb dog food to venison dog food, or salmon dog food, salmon cat food, chicken cat food and a wide selection of grain-free cat food paté recipes. To fuel the journey for growing explorers, American Journey dog food has choices just for puppies—it’s grain-free puppy food that’s always made with protein first and nutrient-dense ingredients. And for dogs with food sensitivities, you can find limited ingredient dry dog food recipes and LID dog wet food too. American Journey cat food also offers these same healthy benefits and nutrition options for the feline familes out there. Because no journey should be without a satisfying, protein-rich treat, there are a variety of grain-free dog treats and grain-free cat treats too, from crunchy to all-natural jerky dog treats to freeze-dried cat treats made with 100% real chicken. With American Journey dog food & cat food, there is never any wheat, gluten, corn, soy or chicken or poultry by-product meals. In addition, American Journey dog food can satisfy dogs of any breed size, from toy breeds and extra small dogs, to small and medium-sized dogs, all the way up to large and even giant-sized dog breeds. When you start every journey with American Journey—that is real protein first, nutrient-dense ingredients and complete and balanced nutrition in the bowl—you can bring on every adventure the day brings. Plus, every American Journey recipe is manufactured in the USA using trusted ingredients from around the world. Treat your animal to the finest in pet nutrition with American Journey dog food & cat food, and check out our other Chewy  pet food , pet treats  and  pet supplies  today!