It all started with some spilled sawdust in 1876. Michigan shop owners Melville and Anna Bissell were constantly cleaning sawdust off the carpet, and so Melville invented and patented a special sweeper. It wasn’t long before both friends and customers began asking where to get one for themselves, and so the Bissell business was born. Throughout the years, they added a variety of products to the lineup, including carpet cleaners, deep cleaners, and vacuums, and in the early 2000s they entered the pet world. Discovering that the mess factor was a deterrent to would-be adopters, they eventually launched their very first cleaner that was designed just for cleaning up after pets. And in 2011, the Bissell Pet Foundation came to fruition, and they have given over three million dollars to date in support of adoption and foster programs, as well as microchipping and spaying/neutering. With a passion to keep pets safe and homes clean, it’s a combination that consumers and animal lovers know and trust.

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