Since 2004, EliteField has focused on generating high-quality and affordable goods for pet parents all over the world. With thousands of positive reviews published online, this pet-friendly brand has a following that truly speaks for itself. EliteField’s utmost dedication to quality is evident in everything they produce, from their unique and sturdy multi-door folding crates to their cool and comfortable dog cots. By focusing on pet furniture, this popular brand is able to create and design goods that uniquely meet the needs of pets without compromising on quality or safety. For over 10 years EliteField has crafted comfortable and cozy pet beds that have provided dogs and cats all over the world with their very own safe havens. Plus, EliteField’s wide variety of pet furniture even expands into the realm of cat trees and kitty condos! There’s truly something for every animal in the family with EliteField’s variety of unique pet furniture.

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