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There’s so much to say about why Goody Box rocks. Top-notch toys and treats, up to 30% savings, fun limited-edition themes. Then again, wags and purrs are worth a thousand words. See for yourself.

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Goody Boxes are specially curated pet gift boxes with a selection of five or more premium products that are handpicked for your dog or cat. There is a dog box filled with full-size dog treats and dog toys, along with other nifty items all picked by dog lovers for the perfect dog gift box. Did someone say Chewy has a dog toy box and a cat toy box just for your pet? Yup, and don’t forget the treats! There’s also a cat gift box full of the stuff felines love, including full-size bags of cat treats and toys including catnip toys and interactive cat toys.

Goody Box is like a Chewy box, only perfectly sized, curated and hand-packed as a gift box for pets. It really takes the guesswork out of shopping for gifts for cats or gifts for dogs, and comes at a tremendous value. By getting a bundled assortment of premium items, you save money! What can you find inside a Goody Box? For starters, delicious treats for dogs and snacks for cats, cat toys and dog toys that pack all the fun for playtime, tasty dog food toppers, plus exclusive items only available with a Goody Box. Unlike a subscription pet box, you can get one for yourself, gift one to a friend or as many as you like! They’re perfect for special occasions, new pet adoptions, Gotcha day celebrations, pet birthdays and friends’ birthdays too! Plus, every Chewy Goody Box has a unique theme to keep things fun and interesting. There’s even a Puppy Gift Box with all the fun and yum puppies go wild for. Are you ready to unbox the joy for your pets? Grab your favorite Goody Box from Chewy’s online pet store.