Since 2014, OneTigris has been renowned among their clients worldwide as a premium adventure and expedition brand. Each item that bears the OneTigris logo is marked for quality, reliability and utility. Unlike other brands, this intrepid group of dog lovers is not motivated by profit, but instead, by a communal passion for sharing their love for wilderness and the outdoors. OneTigris believes that solidly built supplies make all the difference in the world, whether it’s hiking, climbing, jogging or just walking around the block—good gear keeps pets and their trusty companions safe. No matter what the adventure, OneTigris works hard to ensure the quality of every item they produce, striving for perfection one paw step at a time. While their goods are of utmost quality and design, this high-quality brand is so focused on their customers and their pets that they continue to reinvent and perfect their products as often as possible.

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