Wellness for Dogs

Having a fur-iend makes you appreciate the simple things like belly rubs, a wagging tail and wet kisses. Wellness Dog Food also believes in cherishing the simple, offering nutritious food made with natural ingredients to help your furbaby lead a longer, healthier life–no fluff, fillers or artificial flavors. The Wellness Brand dog food recipes are created by the pickiest of pet food chefs who ensure only exceptional, whole ingredients are chosen and mixed in the paw-fect proportion to support your furbaby’s health. With every bite, you know your pup is getting the simple nutrition he needs to thrive. Wellness food for dogs offers mealtime and snack time solutions so you can delight your fur-iend any time of day and for any reason. There’s something for every fur-iend’s taste buds and dietary needs! Choose from dry food, wet recipes, mixers, toppers, snacks and treats.

Turn to Wellness Core dog food for high-protein, natural food fit for your pup who thrives on hearty animal proteins for energy. Another Core choice is the Wellness Core Rawrev dog food. This variety allows you to safely add raw foods to your pooch’s meal in a grain-free kibble combined with 100% raw meat. Wellness Complete Health dog food focuses on balanced nutrition, providing natural, premium proteins for pups in all stages of life. And Wellness Simple dog food keeps the recipes as clean as can be with a single protein source and easily digestible carbohydrates—grr-eat for friends with allergies and sensitive tummies. Wellness pet food is even available for your kitty, too, with the same focus on simple, wholesome nutrition!

Taking good care of your furbaby is more than just choosing the right dog food and dog treats. You can nourish his happiness and health with dog supplies like toys and beds, plus dog healthcare products from medicine to stress relief solutions. Chewy is here to help you find everything your paw-tner needs and wants to live his best life as your BFF.

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