Suitical was created to make recovery faster and more comfortable for your deserving four-legged friend. The problem with the traditional “cone of shame” is that it restricts movement while leaving the wound vulnerable. Pets are stressed, their sense of direction is disrupted—which can often lead to knocking things over—and the wound is not protected against dirt, bacteria, children and other pets. Enter the Suitical. Taking an entirely new approach, it actually covers the wound while leaving the animal free to go about their normal day. The reduced anxiety can lead to faster recovery times, especially since the wound is kept clean and dry. Suitical recovery suits are breathable and comfortable, and they can be washed and used over and over. It’s great for a variety of situations, including post-surgical wounds, hot spots, irritated skin and more. Because humans wouldn’t want to wear a cone, Suitical gives pets that same dignity and comfort.

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