The Chicago Flexible Shaft Company produced its first Sunbeam branded appliance in 1897, expanding their inventory from horse trimming and shearing machinery to household appliances. The brand name was invented during a company-wide contest to revamp and redesign the growing appliance side of the business and in 1946 the nomenclature was officially changed to Sunbeam. The American-based brand produced iconic products for homes such as the first mechanical mixer with detachable beaters, toasters and coffee makers. At a steady rate of growth, Sunbeam employed nearly 30,000 people worldwide by the end of the 1970s and was the world’s largest maker of small appliances through much of the 1980s. More recently, Sunbeam has expanded their product selection to include merchandise for our four-legged family. Sunbeam continues to grow and diversify, producing products for every day solutions to the needs of both the furry family and their loving owners.

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