Tiny Tiger

Tiny Tiger is committed to helping cats of all sizes make their biggest dreams come true. That’s why they provide grain-free wet cat food recipes that are made with real animal protein as the first ingredient—as in a wide variety of proteins from land and sea, with no grains, wheat, corn, soy or carrageenan. Tiny Tiger gluten-free cat food recipes come in turkey wet cat food, salmon wet cat food and many more crave-able recipes for the variety cats love. This high-protein food for cats comes in grain-free paté wet cat food as well as grain-free wet cat food in gravy and wet cat food in extra gravy, so your kitty can dive into the delicious textures he loves come mealtime. Each can of Tiny Tiger grain-free wet cat food is made to do some pretty heavy lifting when it comes to keeping your cat in top-performance shape, so he can be on his way to purring with the big cats in no time. That means you’ll find a complete blend of nutrients cats need to feel and look their best in every recipe, including taurine, an essential amino acid needed for feline health, plus omega-3 fatty acids and added vitamins and minerals. Wet cat food is also a healthy way to add daily hydration along with fresh water. So if you’re wondering what’s the best grain-free cat food to feed your adult cat, looking for a gluten-free kitten wet food option, or in search of a high-protein wet cat food for your mighty feline, step right up to the Tiny Tiger lineup! You can even find wet cat food variety packs for even more delicious meals without any of the grains. Plus, Tiny Tiger manufactures their wet cat food recipes in the USA or Canada using high-quality ingredients sourced from around the world. So open up a can, bring on every pounce, prowl and purr, and feed the stripes within!

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