Wellness Simple Limited Ingredient Diet

Wellness Simple dog food is just what the dog-tor ordered to support our fur-iends who have delicate stomachs and food sensitivities. The limited-ingredient recipes are both simple and healthy, combining a single protein source and easily digestible carbohydrates. Made with wholesome ingredients for a lifetime of wellbeing, it’s made with only the good stuff—no fillers or additives here. The uncomplicated recipes are thoughtfully chosen to nourish her from the inside out. Wellness Simple for dogs is available in dry food that satisfies your pooch’s need for crunch and pates for your dog who enjoys ultra-creamy decadence. And with Wellness Simple snacks, it’s easy to find treats and meal toppers for your pup with food sensitivities!

Wellness dog food is available in a variety of recipes to satisfy fur-iends with other dietary needs. Wellness Core dog food provides hearty animal proteins to keep your pup’s energy up. You can even add safe raw proteins to his diet with Wellness Core Rawrev dog food. The Wellness Complete Health dog food brand focuses on balanced nutrition, providing natural, premium proteins for pups in all stages of life. Wellness pet food is also available for cats, so you can nourish everyone in the family with simple, wholesome food.

When you’re searching for the paw-fect dog food for your pup, don’t forget the dog treats to reward and delight him throughout the day. Chewy offers the variety you need to keep your paw-tner happy and healthy. Shop 24/7 for all your dog supplies, whether you’re bringing a new fur-iend home or shopping for dog healthcare products for your aging paw-tner.

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