Weruva is a natural pet food inspired by and named after three rescued cats, Webster, Rudi, and Vanessa. They gather the best ingredients from around the world and formulate some fantastic recipes that cats and dogs will love. Their motto is simple: Feed the diet of the carnivore, and the health will fall into place. And with that in mind, Weruva cat & dog food keeps the carbohydrates low and the proteins lean. Known as “people food for pets,” Weruva dog & cat food uses ingredients that are also used for people products, and all the food is made in a human food facility according to international human food standards. They use a process that boasts a global stamp of approval, and their rigorous quality control includes multiple inspections and testing. It gets even better—as avid supporters of the rescue and adoption of homeless animals, a portion of all proceeds are donated to saving the lives of healthy and treatable animals in shelters, so you can feel good about your purchase contributing to a better world for pets & animals.

Weruva pet food can be different depending on what type of animal you have. Weruva dog food is available in dry dog food and wet dog food forms and is made for dogs of all breed sizes, whereas Weruva cat food currently is exclusively wet cat food. Both varieties are mainly produced for adult aged pets, and they come in tasty flavors such as beef, lamb, cbicken, duck, fish, salmon, tuna, turkey and pumpkin.

This amazing pet food has numerous product lines- Weruva dog food comes in Classic, Caloric Harmony and Dogs in the Kitchen varieties, and Weruva cat food includes Classic as well, plus BFF, Truluxe, Slide N’ Serve, I Luv My Cat, and Cats in the Kitchen. Weruva dog food comes in textures like chunks in gravy, bits in broth, and aspic / gelee, whereas Wervua cat food includes those 3 textures but also minced, flaked and pate. All their pet food types have options for special diets such as grain-free, gluten-free, GMO-free, pea-free, high-protein, low-glycemic and sensitive digestion dietary needs. Buy some Weruva cat food & dog food today for your favorite pet- they’ll live like royalty and enjoy the high nutritional and dietary standards that humans can enjoy!

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