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Cat Balls & Chasers

The best cat balls and cat chasers are guaranteed to provide little kitties with hours of fun and exercise. The shapes and sizes may vary, but some of the most popular styles include mice shapes, have feathers or even contain catnip to entertain your furry friend for hours of play. SmartyKat Skitter Critters Catnip Cat Toy is not only filled with catnip, but also shaped like little furry mice which means it’s an ideal toy for kitties who can’t get enough of a good hunt or cat and mouse game. SmartyKat also makes a Bouncy Mouse Interactive Teaser Cat Toy which is bound to get your kitty moving around with a puppet mouse that bounces around on a bungee cord that wraps around your finger. There’s also Petstages Dental Health Chews Cat Toy that will not only stimulate your kitty with its funky shapes, outer netting texture and bright color but also works as a chew to help clean your pretty kitty’s teeth and massage her gums while she gnaws on it. KONG makes an Active Treat Ball Cat Toy as well, simply insert treats and this cat treat ball toy creates a whole new level of fun. Cat balls and chasers give your kitty a sense of determination and excitement safely within the confines of your home. Cat balls and chasers offer a great way to encourage and engage in play. Some cat chasers even include small laser lights like the Kong Laser Cat Toy, great for interactive play sessions that your kitty will love to chase time and again. They’re great for when you want to spend quality time and bond with your furry feline friend. Plus, they provide exercise and challenging stimulation for your kitty too. Whether your kitty loves feathers, mice, lasers or little funky shapes, there’s an exciting toy just for him. Shop the best cat balls, toys and chasers today right here at Chewy.