Comfort Zone with Feliway Cat Diffuser Refill

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Continue to keep the peace with the Comfort Zone with Feliway Cat Diffuser Refill. Designed to work with the diffuser, its purpose is to decrease destructive behavior like scratching and marking caused by disturbances in your cat’s environment. The concept is simple—mother cats naturally emit a pheromone message to kittens after birth, which makes them feel safe, secure and bonded. This diffuser refill mimics that same pheromone by dispensing an odorless vapor, which is clinically proven to create a calming environment. Just use it with the diffuser in the room where your cat spends most of his time, or where destructive behavior most frequently occurs.

Key Benefits

  • Refill for the Comfort Zone with Feliway Cat Diffuser; one bottle lasts four weeks and treats 500 to 650 square feet.
  • Designed to create a calming environment to reduce destructive behavior associated with stress.
  • Dispenses an odorless vapor that mimics the pheromone that mother cats release to kittens after birth.
  • Clinically proven to provide results in just a week, and significant changes in stress in just four weeks.
  • Use in the room cats spend most of their time and replace refill every 30 days for best results.

Additional Details

HAZARDS TO HUMANS: Harmful or fatal if swallowed. Call physician immediately. Keep out of reach of children. Read label and insert prior to use.


Analogue of Feline Facial Pheromone: 2%. Isoparaffinic Hydrocarbon (A Petroleum Distillate): 100g.

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Simply plug in a comfort zone Diffuser with Feliway in an area of your home where your cat resides. Replace refills every 30 days to keep your cat feeling safe and comfortable. The Diffuser features a rotating plug to accommodate both vertical and horizontal outlet. Replace Diffuser every 6 months.


Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Diffuser work?

The Diffuser works by using a heating element to disperse the pheromone analogue into the air. Once present, the pet breathes in the pheromone and it attaches to a receptive organ, called the vomeronasal organ located in the nasal cavity. The vomeronasal organ then signals the brain, via nerves, and a sense of well-being is established.

How do I use the Diffuser?

A Comfort Zone® Diffuser should be placed in the room where the cat spends most of its time which may or may not be where the stress behavior is the greatest. Remove the cap from the bottle. Attach the bottle to the Diffuser device and plug the product in. The Diffuser should be placed in an outlet that is open to the room. The product should not be placed behind furniture or in an electrical outlet near shelves, cabinets or other physical barriers, which may prevent dispersion of the pheromone. Each Diffuser will cover up to 700 square feet. If your pet has access to more than one floor in your home, a Diffuser should be used on each floor. Always refer to the package insert for complete instructions for use.

Should the product be plugged in all day?

Yes, the product is to be used throughout the entire day. Unplugging the device may cause the pet's stress behavior to return.

How often should the product be used?

To modify your pet's stress behavior, use Comfort Zone® products for a minimum of 30 days. In households with more than one cat, it may be necessary to continue use after 30 days.

How long will the Comfort Zone® Diffuser last?

It will last for approximately one month.

Can I use the Diffuser with a cleanser/enzyme?

Yes, you may use cleaning agents, enzymatic cleaners or disinfectants to clean the soiled areas. Do not use bleach-based cleaners or ammonia-based cleaners, as they may encourage urine marking. It is very important to thoroughly rinse and dry cleaned areas prior to using Comfort Zone® Feliway® Spray. Please be sure to read instructions for use with each respective cleaning product.

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Create a Comfort Zone for Stressed Pets

When cats are stressed out, they tend to get into trouble. Comfort Zone with Feliway helps ease feline tensions and restore peace in your household. Their diffuser and spray remedies release a calming pheromone that promotes relaxation without resorting to drugs or prescribed medications.

Create a Comfort Zone for Stressed Pets
Clinically Proven to Be Effective

Clinically Proven to Be Effective

Comfort Zone with Feliway is veterinarian recommended and clinically proven to reduce urine marking. You should begin to see results soon, and in just a week's time you could see signs of a less-stressed cat. That's good news for everyone in the household!

A More Natural Calming Solution

Kitties rub up against things in their home to release a facial pheromone and mark it with their scent. Instead of using drugs, Comfort Zone with Feliway mimics your cat's natural method for creating a less intimidating environment. Feliway diffusers and sprays disperse an odorless vapor similar to this pheromone to help calm cats down the natural way.

Diffuser or Spray?

Even tiny changes in your pet's routine or environment can cause stress—like new roommates, travel, moving the furniture around or trying a different litter. An anxious cat might resort to spraying to reclaim their territory, or scratching to help them relax. Comfort Zone with Feliway comes in a diffuser and a spray so you can choose the right tool depending on your cat's needs.


DIFFUSER: Best for urine spraying and larger areas in the home; plug in the diffuser in the room where your pet has marked.


SPRAY: Great for spot treatment on furniture, inside a carrier, and on objects that your cat has marked or scratched.


BOTH: Use the spray and diffuser together in multi-cat homes where tensions are high, or in rooms where cats scratch and spray.

About Comfort Zone

About Comfort Zone

The pet lovers that created Comfort Zone know that there's no such thing as a "bad pet"—just good pets that might act out because they're anxious, scared or stressed. Their calming products help turn your house back into a peaceful, non-threatening environment where your pets feel relaxed and safe. With plug-in diffusers and easy-to-use sprays, you can help ease your pet's anxieties the natural way.

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  • Calms the Storm

    By on

    These products work. My cats can confirm it. We were dealing with our lovable cats marking the furniture and having to clean and change multiple covers to our poor couches. The diffuser takes a bit of time but the change is effective, we have cats who get along now. Rarely fight and marking is a thing of the past. It's much easier just changing litter boxes than having to wash a load extra every day. Highest of recommendations especially since it avoids having to medicate our cats.

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  • Relaxed at last

    By on

    I was very nervous and upset every time my human went on trips. Strange people come into my space and fed me and touched my litter pan, this made me very nervous I started peeing on the furniture. After we started using the Feliway I feel so much more relaxed I can handle the changes life is good again

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  • This stuff works!

    By on

    Neutered male tabby has been a terrible bully to spayed Russian blue. After plugging in a couple of these diffusers, he has become a different cat...actually nice! And the scared girl has come out of hiding. Love this stuff!

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  • Seams to be helping

    By on

    I have 4 cats 1 is terrified of everything. We rarely see her she stays hidden. This is my second month using the calming oil. She is coming out so much more and even eating with the other cats in my home.

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  • Comfort Zone plug-ins make a difference!

    By on

    I am thoroughly sold on these plug-ins. With 4 cats who did not choose to be "siblings" (especially one highly-reactive Siamese/Torty), this item makes all the difference in the world. It is obvious when I forget to replace an empty refill!!!

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  • No more spats!

    By on

    We did some home renovations and used this to help the cats relax during and after the addition was completed. It helped keep them calm. No more stressed out hissing!

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  • So many variables but seems to work

    By on

    I purchased this product because I recently moved (my cat & have moved 4 times in 2 years)-Tulip the cat isn't happy about that. But THIS TIME she took it in stride. She didn't bite me which she has been known to do immediately upon moving. And for some reason, she's eating more than ever before (the product is plugged in a couple feet from her food bowl.). She's fairly chill and seems very happy. I can only assume it's this product barring any metaphysical reasons. lol.

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  • Moving day

    By on

    Made all the difference in my move and transition for my kits - great stress reducer

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  • cat comfort

    By on

    I started trying this to see if helps my cat with her emotions

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  • Works in Multi-cat Home

    By on Top 10 Contributor

    I Have 6 cats and sometimes they can get very temperamental and territorial. I have a large home so when the cats start having squabbling issues I plug one of the diffusers in several different rooms upstairs and down. Within 24 hours all is calm and peaceful again. I have used these for several years and they have always worked for my cats.

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