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Dr. Elsey's Precious Cat Touch of Outdoors Cat Litter

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Do you have a cat that wants to go outside or do you want to enrich your cat’s environment? You may have observed stress behaviors like pacing, scratching furniture or rugs, intercat aggression, increased vocalization, excessive grooming or urine marking. Dr. Elsey's Precious Cat Touch of Outdoors with natural chemical free prairie grasses grown in their fields can help your cat feel less anxious, bored and depressed which translates into a happier cat environment. Touch of Outdoors has natural chlorophyll for odor control and no airborne dust. Bring the outdoor experience in with Touch of Outdoors Litter! Each box has a free Litter Box Solutions Booklet.

Key Benefits

  • Chemical free prairie grass helps your cat feel less anxious, bored and depressed
  • Natural chlorophyll for continuous odor control
  • All-natural hard clumping litter, no airborne dust
  • Multi-cat formula
  • Works with sifting/mechanical litter boxes


Always wash your hands thoroughly after waste removal. A parasite sometimes found in cat feces can cause toxoplasmosis. Please do not flush cat litter in toilets or dispose of it outdoors in gutters or storm drains.

Special Note

Some products are changing from bags to boxes. You may receive either packaging until the transition is complete, but rest assured that you are receiving the same great litter!

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  • Item Number
  • Brand
    Precious Cat
  • Litter & Bedding Type
    Grass, Clay
  • Litter Feature
    Clumping, Odor Control, Multi-Cat, Unscented
  • Made in
    United States


  • Place about 3 inches of Precious Cat into a clean, dry litter box. This depth allows your cats to dig and cover their waste naturally.
  • Scoop out waste balls daily using a curved, slotted litter scoop. Throw away waste. DO NOT FLUSH!
  • Add Precious Cat as needed to maintain three inches in the box. Always wash your hands thoroughly after handling the litter box.

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  • Kitty immediately taken with it!

    By on

    We've been trying to switch to more environmentally and kitty friendly cat litters for a while, but our American short hair is VERY picky. We tried corn based products, and she actively avoided the box/went outside in the potted plants. :^( We've tried this, and she immediately went for it. While it's still mostly composed of clay, there is a noticeably less dust/mess than other clay litters we've used. (i.e. Fresh Step, Arm & Hammer, World's Best, etc.)

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  • finally litter box success!!

    By on

    My indoor/outdoor cat would not use the litter box regularly when we weren't home to let him out. I had plastic under cardboard with newspapers on top in all his naughty spots, and my house and carpet looked awful until I discovered Dr. E's PC Touch of Outdoors litter!! I set up 2 litter boxes with an old bath rug between then in an upstairs bathroom and it has done the trick. The rug catches what little litter comes out and Ozzy uses one box for #1 and the other box for #2. I keep a Litter Locker next to them so scooping is so easy. No more messes! Thank you Dr. Elsey!!!

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  • Worked wonderfully for feral cat

    By on

    We recently trapped and adopted a feral cat that we had been feeding for months. His first act was to use the guest room bedding instead of his litter box. I had filled the litter box with dirt and leaves from our yard, figuring he had been using those up until now. He eventually did use the box, but I was concerned about transitioning him to litter. He took to this litter immediately, and has used it consistently ever since! Wish I had know about it many cats ago!

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  • One super product

    By on

    One super productwe recently rescued a cat that had been a stray.we didn't know if he was litter trained feral or what. I use this letter with the litter attract and he only had one accident since we've rescued him. It's easy to get the urine out of the box and I'm able to know how often he's going.

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  • Plus and minuses

    By on

    In a pinch, this is adequate substitute litter; it doesn't track too much, but does leave a fair amount of dust- my towel rack, right above the litter, is covered in a layer of dust. In addition, after a day you can begin to have odors. In all fairness, I have to say I have 8 cats: if you had 1-3 you might not experience that issue. A bonus: it comes with a attached booklet full of cat tips and coupons!

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  • Good but box leaks too much litter

    By on

    Cats like the litter but, there is still dust with it that covers much of the area. Thought the box on web site was new design which might address the leaking litter but, same boxes arrived with same mess. Review link showed picture of box that was shipped.

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  • Good cat litter

    By on

    My cats prefer this litter to any of the others that I have tried. It clumps well. It has no odor, which I prefer although I think you can also get it scented. The only reason that I gave it 4 stars is that it is a little dusty. But my cats would definitely give it 5 stars. I have three types of litter out to see which they prefer and they pick this one every time. I have 5 cats :-).

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  • clumps great.....not toooo dusty

    By on

    we have 3 cats...2 dogs......have tried many different types. we love the dr elsey's Cat Attrack in red box, but was hard to find, so we switched to this brand......cats are HAPPY.....unhappy cats that do not like litter change can be BAD CATS.

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  • Too perfumy.

    By on Top 500 Contributor

    This is the same excellent quality litter as the other Dr. Elsey's products, but with lots of scent. My cats did not like it and would only use it when I mixed it with Dr. Elsey's unscented litter, which I will stick with.

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  • My cats love this!

    By on

    I have three cats! Two of them will use anything but the other one will pee and poop on the chair. I read about Dr.Elsey's Outdoor and Cat attract and the diffuser and thought I would try it. Well, IT WORKED!! Knock on wood! lol But he was very picky and gets upset easy so I was very careful when I tried it. He goes all the time in it now and so far, no accidents in my chair. He is a sweet cat and this accident thing made me so aggravated at him. That is why I did so much research and found that this really does work!! Thanks so much!!!!

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